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3 Xiaomi products compatible with the Apple HomeKit

When we talk about home automation accessories, smart speakers come to mind almost immediately. These devices are equipped with voice assistants that respond to our requests, whether for information or action. The most popular are the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, but they are not the only ones. Although more limited, there is also the Apple HomePod . I recently talked about what their main problem is: Siri. Because, compared to Alexa and Google Assistant, it has a lot to improve. But it also has a great advantage, which is that it’s available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch (apart from the HomePod of course).

Because although the HomePod can be a quite interesting piece when it comes to forming a home automation ecosystem using the Apple HomeKit, it is not essential. We can ask practically any device from the company to turn on the lights or show us who is at the front door thanks to a compatible security camera. Another problem of using HomeKit is the accessories. They are usually much more expensive than Alexa’s and Google Assistan’s. Luckily, Xiaomi is starting to release HomeKit-compatible products , and their catalogue will only expand in the coming months. At the moment, the most interesting are these three.

Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2

3 Xiaomi products compatible with the Apple HomeKit3 Xiaomi products compatible with the Apple HomeKit

We started the list with a lamp for the bedside table. The Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 stands out because of its peculiar design: a big white cylinder very futuristic . It is minimalist to the maximum and the only thing that attracts attention from the body is the slider that serves to regulate the intensity of the light. To give you an idea of its size, it is 200 mm high and 140 mm wide, and weighs around 0.75 kg.

The nice thing about the Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 is that not only can it be used with white light, but you can use any color you want through the iOS Home app . In addition to being compatible with the Apple HomeKit, it can also be used with Xiaomi’s My Home app, perfect for those who use the Asian brand’s home automation products.

This night light can be purchased at Amazon Spain for 59.99 euros , although it can also be imported through AliExpress for less money: 36 euros. However, we will have to wait a couple of weeks to have it at home if we choose this last option.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Bedside 2 at AmazonBuy Xiaomi Mijia Bedside 2 at AliExpress

Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Pro

Another Xiaomi lamp, although this one is meant to be a desk tassel, so is perfect for people who work long hours with the computer or for students . It is not the first smart flexo from Xiaomi, but it is the first one to be HomeKit compatible, and that affects its price as well.

As soon as we see it, we realize that we are in front of a design work. In fact, has won 3 international awards for this: iF Design Gold Award, Japan Good Design Award and Red Dot Award. But it’s not only beautiful, it also provides a lot of light and covers a large area.

The Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Pro is composed of three axes that can be moved to adapt it to the environment, being able to reach a height of up to 66 centimeters and 125 centimeters of irradiation . On its base there is a button that allows to configure several operation modes by means of touch gestures, as well as to adjust the brightness and temperature of the LEDs.

Like the Bedside Lamp 2, the Table Lamp Pro is also compatible with the My Home app in addition to the HomeKit. Even though its price at the exchange rate to euros would be 44 euros, the reality is quite different. It is very complicated to find a shop that sends it from Spain, so you have to resort to AliExpress and pay almost 90 euros with shipping included.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Pro

Xiaomi Mijia Aqara Hub

The last of the Xiaomi HomeKit-compatible devices on this list is the Mijia Aqara Hub. Aqara is another of Xiaomi’s home automation submarines. In their catalogue we can find sensors for humidity, temperature, movement, for doors and windows, etc. In short, we can install our own alarm at home without having to pay a monthly fee to third parties.

These accessories require a Gateway, which is the product that controls the rest, and until now there was none compatible with HomeKit until they launched the 2019 model .

The Gateway can be found at Amazon, as can some of the accessories. Its price is 39 euros plus shipping , although it can also be purchased at AliExpress if you prefer.

Buy Xiaomi Aqara Hub

What should Xiaomi do next for HomeKit?

As we have mentioned, throughout this year and in the coming years we will see more Xiaomi products compatible with HomeKit. One that should arrive as soon as possible is the smart plug , because besides being cheap it offers very good results, and the alternatives for HomeKit are not exactly cheap.