3 services you should pay for on your iPhone

Today, telephones have become the center of our lives. Any of us now use our Smartphone for tasks like watching TV, organizing our calendars, or just playing games. That’s precisely why today we’re showing you which services you deserve to pay for on your iPhone .


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3 services you should pay for on your iPhone
3 services you should pay for on your iPhone

The service par excellence of music, has been with us for quite some time, and although during these years of life has had to fight against music giants like Tidal or Apple Music, today it is still the most used application .

Perhaps this data, inflated by the haters of the apple company who don’t even want to hear about Apple’s music service, makes Spotify still the king in an increasingly crowded sector.

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The fashion service to watch your favorite series, is another of the giants that must compete in a market where increasingly, a few companies are struggling to lead the sector of online television.

Netflix is one of the services that has grown the most thanks to its own production of both series and films , which have made the service one of the most popular. In addition to all this, the different rates and the possibility of sharing your session, if your rate allows it, is what tipped the balance towards this service.

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As good apple lovers, our devices can’t miss an improvement in Apple’s cloud storage. Already, Cupertino’s give us 5 GB of storage in the iCloud service, but if we are very demanding and have or are going to acquire various products from the apple, this extension will be almost a must .

Always, we must take into account that this service will become essential if we want to keep documents or images that are important to us .

If you want to turn your iPhone into the center of your life and work, these services can never be missing. Did you already know these applications? Do you use any other service?

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