3 reasons why it’s the perfect time to switch to iOS from Android

There is always an eternal struggle between iOS and Android, they are the only two mobile operating systems today so you either choose one or you choose the other . In the market we have dozens of brands that use Android and there are hundreds of different devices available, something that plays in favor of the Google system as it has many more options.

On the other hand, iOS is only available on the iPhone, and Apple only has a handful of devices on the market, and there are none in the lower range so the price is higher than the Android proposals. However, having an iPhone has many advantages for which it is worth paying that extra, and today we’re going to give you three reasons to leave the Android smartphone behind and move to the iPhone.

3 reasons why it’s the perfect time to switch to iOS from Android
3 reasons why it’s the perfect time to switch to iOS from Android

Of course there are many reasons to make the jump to iOS, among them are security and privacy , updates for 5 years or more or system stability over time. However, today we have chosen three that can be decisive right now.

We have more iPhone available than ever

Years ago we had only one model of iPhone a year at a certain price, it was either that or none. However, with the passing of time, Apple’s catalogue has expanded a lot, first presenting 2 models a year, then three and now we have up to 4 models with the company’s latest processor , to which we must add last year’s iPhone XR.

This means that the iPhone range has been diversified so that each type of user can choose the perfect iPhone for them, but without sacrificing power and upgrades as they all have high-end processors. Right now we can buy a new iPhone for 489 euros or for 1,259 euros , but in between we have a great variety of prices that make the iPhone very popular.

Now we have a really “cheap” iPhone

In the past, we had two options for having a cheap iPhone: either go to the second-hand market or buy an old device with a processor that was a few years old. But not now. The iPhone SE is back with all its peculiarities and with a breakthrough price for being an iPhone and having the most powerful processor on the market .

It is true that the iPhone SE is not the iPhone for the more technological or geeks , but the vast majority of users are not. The most sold Android smartphones worldwide are not the high-end, they are the low- and mid-range devices . Now Apple can compete in this market, and it does so by betting on a great power that will make the iPhone SE be many the ones in the market.

iOS 14 promises to bring some Android features

Finally, if you come from Android, you might miss some features, however iOS 14 seems to bring us some of them. According to the latest rumors we are expecting a redesign of the home screen that will allow us to have bigger interactive icons , similar to widgets but more special and similar to what we have traditionally seen in iOS.

Tim Cook espera que el iPhone SE atraiga a los de la competencia: “es más potente que los smartphone Android”

Esperemos que si estabas dudando en pasarte a iOS con esto te hayamos aclarado algunas dudas , a día de hoy son dos sistemas operativos muy fuertes, pero nosotros seguimos prefiriendo el iPhone.

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