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3 reasons NOT to buy the new AirPods and wait for the “real AirPods 2

Apple has updated its AirPods this week with some improved features over the first generation , however there are none of the much talked about new features. There’s no solid improvement, no better grip for using them for sport and the great newness they include has to be paid for separately.

More than just an AirPod 2, it’s a simple update to an already fantastic headset. AirPods are the “truly” most popular wireless headphones in the world, but this slight update is not worth it if you already have one .

3 reasons NOT to buy the new AirPods and wait for the “real AirPods 2
3 reasons NOT to buy the new AirPods and wait for the “real AirPods 2

In addition, rumors about the new version of the AirPods are still present so it is possible that Apple will end up launching a new model sooner or later.

As we said, many of the great news that we all expected have not arrived, it seems that Apple is saving them for a future update that could come at the end of the year.

Still not waterproof

One of the main complaints of many users is that AirPods are not waterproof . It’s true that we won’t get into the pool with them and that they seem to hold up well to sweat, but Apple doesn’t offer any official resistance.

This resistance has already reached the iPhone and the Apple Watch , so I don’t think it’s something difficult to achieve on AirPods. Of course, we would live much safer in case of accidents.

They have the same design

The new AirPods are identical on the outside to the previous generation, all changes are internal. Actually if you don’t need “Oye Siri” and you don’t mind that the battery lasts a little less, only in conversation since listening to music lasts the same 5 hours, it’s better option to buy the first generation that now will be cheaper .

The great feature of these AirPods is their wireless charging case, but you have to pay for it as the version with this type of charge costs 50 euros more.

A truly renewed version is not out of the question

As we have commented, none of the rumors heard have been fulfilled . We had heard that the AirPods 2 would arrive with a new anti-slip coating and an ultra-fast charge that would allow them to be charged from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes, a great novelty that has not arrived.

There have also been rumors about a new black color and that they could come with new sensors complementary to those of the Apple Watch, again none of this has come with this second generation of AirPods.

This means that Apple is working on a major upgrade of the AirPods worthy of being called “AirPods 2” and that it is possible that it will reach the end of the year. Perhaps it is more convenient to wait for them, although if you want to get some they are still unrivalled.