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3.99 is the new 0.79

One of the reasons why the App Store has been a historic success in iOS is quite clear: the price of the applications . Despite the large amount of free software, we users have not hesitated to use our iTunes accounts to acquire a large amount of applications with a price that we had not seen before for software other than polytones or JAVA games: three, two, one… and even mere pennies . Many of us prefer to pay legally than not to try to pirate the phone to save us so little money.

Titles like Angry Birds or Minigore have gone from being simple games developed by a small group of people to being real money factories thanks to their price of 0.79 euros , and it has been precisely that price that thousands of people have adopted to promote their games and applications. 79 euro cents is an amount of money that many people do not hesitate to spend.

3.99 is the new 0.79
3.99 is the new 0.79

Later, with the advent of the iPad, apps took advantage of the ‘HD’ concept to release improved and more expensive versions, with the result being erratic depending on the popularity of the program. Is the same thing happening with the Mac App Store? It seems so, because among all the variety of prices there seems to be one that is being well received: the 3.99 euros .

It was the same Angry Birds, in fact, the one that was launched by surprise for Mac OS X at the launch of the Mac App Store with that price of 4 euros. And a lot of people ended up buying it (myself included, it has to be said) simply attracted by a Mac OS X game at a very reasonable price .

If you stop to think about it, it’s less than 4 euros for a Mac OS X application license that saves us from looking for “unofficial” licenses online and future upgrades without any hassle. For that price, many have preferred to pay . The proof is in the air, with that million downloads in the first 48 hours. Yes, those downloads may have been of free applications, but surely within that million there is a percentage of paid programs.

And although we are talking about a specific price of 3.99 euros, there are developers who have even placed their application licenses at better prices: 2.59 or even the 0.79 euros that have made some of the original App Store titles famous. And at the same time there is also room for higher and perfectly justifiable prices : we can buy Aperture and Remote Desktop from the same Apple at very low prices compared to those present in the physical box versions.

Will we continue this trend? It’s too early to even say if the Mac App Store will end up being as successful as its little sister. Even with these, both Apple putting the store and the developers choosing these prices can reduce software piracy in the best way .

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