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2K Drive, Put the pedal to the metal in this iPad car game

2K Drive, a great driving game that will make you spend hours and hours burning tires on your iPad

In 2K Drive you will become a race driver and compete against the artificial intelligence of your device or against your friends in an exciting online mode. Take control of racing cars and compete on amazing and exciting tracks throughout the world. Overcome challenges, improve your cars and be the best in this exciting game for iPad and iPhone. What are you waiting for?

2k Drive will make you spend many hours accelerating on the straights, skidding through tight corners, braking on the edge and overtaking your competitors. Over the course of more than 100 tests spread over 25 different tracks, you’ll put yourself at the controls of 25 branded cars such as the McLaren MP4 or the Ford GT. All this fun is accompanied by a great deal of detail thanks to amazing graphics, official licenses from the car brands and real sound that will introduce you completely to the game.

2K Drive, drive to the limit and evolve your cars to get there first

2K Drive, Put the pedal to the metal in this iPad car game
2K Drive, Put the pedal to the metal in this iPad car game

2k Drive will introduce you to the exciting world of car racing. You will have more than 100 races and events where you can show who is the best on the track, either in single player or online mode. The tracks will be varied and you will have to prove your worth on terrains such as asphalt, land or city . To do so, you will have 25 officially licensed cars that you can obtain in the shop, improving their performance as you obtain coins and stars according to the final position in the races you dispute.

In the player mode, 2k Drive will propose challenges and races to improve your skills and the performance of your vehicles . The different ways of driving that you will have to face according to the type of terrain will make you have to be with all your senses at 100% to get to the top and get the prizes with which to improve your cars. And don’t forget the possibility of buying dream cars, it will keep you hooked on your iPad for many hours to get the coins and stars.

Controlling cars in 2k Drive will be easy for you thanks to the gyro of your iPad or iPhone as a steering wheel. A tap on the screen will apply the brakes and you can use the handbrake for tight corners on the ground. If you add incredible and addictive gameplay, high-resolution graphics and sound so real that you’re inside the car, you have the best car game for your iPad. You haven’t downloaded it yet?

And don’t forget the multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends or a driver from the 2k Drive community and get hours and hours of fun. And to really make you feel like a driver, with the “RaceFace” feature you can take a picture of yourself and put it as the face of your driver .

2k Drive is one of the best iPad car games you can find today. Moving away from the “freemium” model that offers its maximum opponent “Real Racing 3” and at a very competitive price to be a complete game; 2k Drive has everything you need to spend hours and hours hooked on it: a simple control, spectacular graphics, real sound, online multiplayer mode and full gameplay . In addition, the daily information about the world of motoring and the commitment to create new cars and new circuits by the developer of the game, make it a must have on your iPad or iPhone. Don’t wait to download it!