256 GB, EarPods con Lightning y adaptador a jack incluido

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A new image is circulating on the Chinese social network Weibo. In it we can see a kind of specification sheet for the next iPhone (which, barring any surprises, will be presented on September 7th). Among the specifications of this sheet we can see how are confirming some of the rumors more sounded on the iPhone 7.

The sheet refers to the iPhone 7 Plus and the first thing to note is the 256GB of storage that appears at the top. This means that Apple has doubled the largest storage ever for an iPhone, the 128GB. It remains to be seen whether this 256GB is unique to the iPhone 7 Plus or whether we’ll see it on the iPhone 7 as well, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it was unique to the big model. Continuing with the storage issue we’ll see how it goes up to 32GB as minimum storage for the more basic model.

256 GB, EarPods con Lightning y adaptador a jack incluido
256 GB, EarPods con Lightning y adaptador a jack incluido

On the other hand, and perhaps one of the most controversial decisions is the disappearance of the jack plug and therefore the disappearance of the EarPods as we know them. The specification sheet explains that the box includes an EarPod with Lightning connection and a jack to Lightning adapter .

Thus the specification sheet indicates that the box contains :

  • EarPods with Lightning connection
  • Lightning to jack adapter
  • Lightning to USB cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Mobile device

The truth is that anyone with basic knowledge of Photoshop could modify this sheet and include whatever they wanted, in the same way that you can easily modify the images of the supposed EarPods that have been appearing these weeks. However, it is a logical step for Apple and it would be very surprising if it were not fulfilled next September 7th during the keynote.

It’s a logical step for Apple to increase storage and switch to Lightning

Remember that during the keynote in a week we will be in San Francisco to upload the whole event live . With exclusive photos and detailed analysis after the presentation. You can follow the event via streaming on the official Apple website and live in Spanish with us.


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