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25 iOS 8 Keyboards to Try on your iPhone and iPad

iOS 8 Keyboards for iPhone and iPad that you can’t miss

With the arrival of Apple’s new mobile operating system very interesting new features and functionalities have appeared that allow application developers, and therefore users, to benefit from it. One of the most notable features in iOS 8 is the option of integrating third party keyboards with which we can install apps and enable their full access to implement them in other applications.

At iPadizate we want your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini to be up to date, which is why we have chosen to compile a selection of 25 keyboards for iOS 8 that will offer us unique features such as text prediction, efficient writing modes, colour customisation…


25 iOS 8 Keyboards to Try on your iPhone and iPad
25 iOS 8 Keyboards to Try on your iPhone and iPad

It allows us to achieve great typing speed and add new features thanks to its touch gesture system .


Includes 11 beautiful themes and also has auto-correction and text prediction.


It features auto-correction, text prediction and also includes a large number of color themes.

GIF Keyboard

A very different keyboard that offers us the possibility to search and send GIFs and videos to our contacts.


KuaiBoard allows us to save time by repeating phrases or using preset texts through a single tap.

MyScript Stack

This application offers us the possibility of writing texts by means of tactile gestures while we draw the letters.

TextExpander 3

TextExpander 3 enables abbreviations so that we can auto-complete or expand texts quickly.

Keyboard Themes

It offers a wide variety of themes to customize our iOS 8 keyboard.


A complete design customizer with different editing options.

Decorate my Keyboard

This app gives us different designs and colors to use the one that best suits our tastes.


FancyKey has up to 45 customizable themes with backgrounds and styles for the keys.

Hanx Writer

An iPad app created by Tom Hanks that imitates the design and sound effects of a typewriter .


Swiftkey learns our way of writing to provide us with self-correction and prediction functions.

Kaomoji Board

After installation, it allows us to use different types of symbols and “kaomoji” emoticons.

Color Keyboard

It offers us the possibility to color, design and personalize it. It has a large number of configuration options…

Path Input

Includes two styles: light and dark. With Path Input you can slide your finger on the screen to write with more speed.


With CoolKey we can change its look, its color, its sounds and even add animations .

Draw Keyboard

A very funny app that allows us to send drawings and write.

Colorful Keyboard Pro

To personalize it with very colorful and aesthetic themes. They are amazing!


With TouchPal we can write very effectively thanks to the slides and tactile gestures.


Bored of writing? Stop thinking about it and start drawing with ScribbleBoard!


Blink gives us the opportunity to use auto-correction , resize, add quick text , include themes with different fonts… and much more!

Cool Keyboards Pro

Interesting app that gives us a good amount and variety of designs in iOS 8.


Very original themes for the “keyboard” , emojis, emoticons, symbols, fonts… It has it all.


With Swype we can write much faster . It has support for emojis and includes up to 21 different languages. A very intuitive predictive keyboard.

Installing a Keyboard in iOS 8

Adding these keyboards in the new Apple operating system is really easy. If you still don’t know how to do it, after downloading one of these applications you just have to follow a series of steps :

  • Go to the relevant configuration section: General Settings ; Keyboard ; Add New Keyboard.
  • Click on the one you want to activate and enable the button to give you full access.


These third-party keyboard apps from the App Store have access to all our data; images, bank accounts, addresses and other user information . If full access to these apps is activated they will have the ability and permission to access, collect and transmit all data we enter.

Give your recommendations

What do you think of these iPad and iPhone apps with iOS 8 keyboards? Do you know of any that we’ve missed? If so, you can share it with us from the comments section at the bottom of this article. Thanks a lot!

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