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25 great applications for people who work with Mac OS X


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25 great applications for people who work with Mac OS X25 great applications for people who work with Mac OS X


Compartir 25 geniales aplicaciones para personas que trabajan con Mac OS X



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Are you a freelancer or freelancer and work with your Mac from home? If so, then you’re probably interested in this perfect collection of applications for people who work with their Mac and need to be as productive as possible when it comes to work.

We must try to make the most of time and resources, so from AppStorm we summarize 25 perfect applications for this. Here you have a selection of the four most interesting ones, although it is recommended that you check the rest, you are sure to find one that is perfect for a particular use.

  • On The Job. If you work from home, one thing you must always keep in mind is the time invested in your developments and logically invoice accordingly. This application is perfect for that purpose, it is designed to create “activities” and activate them when we start working, it is a kind of counter that counts the time invested. Depending on that time we can create invoices from the program itself (with our personal data) and send them to our customers.
  • Propane for Campfire. If you really work with a group of people and not just you, this application can be very interesting. It is a messaging system that integrates with Safari and from which we can communicate with the rest of our colleagues. The good thing is that it is a “closed” system that we can only use in our network, which means that we will not have any distraction with “the outside world”.
  • Notational Velocity. The notes are something very important, the paper and pen era was blurred long ago and applications as this gives us the reason. A very simple and free application of notes with the intention of disturbing as little as possible, a necessary piece of work and organization.
  • Concentrate. If there’s one problem when it comes to working at home, it’s concentration. Many times we waste time in activities that are not very productive and that do not bring us anything. This application is perfect to avoid those wastes of time, for that reason it allows us to predefine activities and use only the applications associated to those activities.