2017 iPhone May Have Flexible Nanowire Screen

Apple has not yet officially launched the iPhone 7 and we already hear from time to time about the next generation that will succeed this smartphone. Without going any further, on Monday a report was published in which they say that Apple will use silver nanowires , a technology that is being prepared by TPK, the company’s supplier behind the 3D Touch.

Thanks to the silver nanowires, the iPhone screen could be flexible enough to survive a fall . And although they don’t talk about a specific model, rumour has it that if this is true, the first model to have a flexible nanowire screen would be the iPhone launched in 2017.

2017 iPhone May Have Flexible Nanowire Screen
2017 iPhone May Have Flexible Nanowire Screen

But it doesn’t stop there, because Samsung has also obtained a patent for a smartphone that is very different from what we are used to seeing , and that is a folding smartphone. As you can see, the two big rival companies in the smartphone market would have put their backs into it to make a 180-degree turn and surprise users.

The South Korean company filed the patent in November 2015 and it has now been granted by the USPTO . It describes a folding smartphone, which would probably be a new high-end Galaxy model.

The diagrams provided with the patent show the phone folded up, revealing a loading port that would be used when the phone is folded. Unfortunately, the screen could not be seen while the battery was being charged, because the smartphone would have to be closed .

On the other hand, you can see that this Samsung folding smartphone would have a slight curvature like the LG G Flex from top to bottom, unlike the Galaxy Round that was curved vertically. Finally, from PhoneArena they pointed out that for now it is just a patent, so it could reach the market in the future or become an idea kept in a drawer.

Do you think a folding smartphone like Samsung’s patented one would succeed? Will Apple introduce the flexible silver nanowire display on the iPhone in 2017? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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