2015, the year of the success or failure of the Apple Watch

We have talked a lot in AppleSupportPhoneNumber about the Apple Watch, which is supposed to be the new and successful device that Apple will launch on the market, which was presented a few months ago together with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and which arrives with the aspiration of becoming the king and reference of its segment , and all that, despite the fact that it is the last one to reach a market that still shows signs of not having been fully exploited.

Authoritative voices have also spoken about the Apple Watch from different fields, from the financial sector where Morgan Stanley, a renowned investment bank, has already presented reports with its predictions of millions of dollars in sales of the device , to the recent statements of John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, and therefore, with influence in the telecommunications sector, where he has opted for the success of Apple in this 2015 .

2015, the year of the success or failure of the Apple Watch
2015, the year of the success or failure of the Apple Watch

Everything points to success but, what if the Apple Watch finally turns out to be a huge failure? Here are some reasons for this.

A market that has not just taken off

The market for wearable devices , and in particular, for smart watches, does not seem to have taken off yet. Some point out that there are still no devices of this type that are worthwhile for users and that therefore the market has not taken off for this reason. Others are directly of the opinion that this market will have difficulties to develop in the future and that it will be almost impossible to reach a similar level as the market for smartphones or tablets . We will have to wait and see how it develops, but for now, there are no clear signs that the Smartwatches market will be able to reverse the situation it is in.

No matter how few units of the Apple Watch are sold, they will almost certainly be counted in the millions . This is the case with almost any Apple product and even with the least popular products in its range, such as the Apple TV. The release of Apple’s clock may be a turning point for this market and for other companies , because if it is not, a major second generation of these devices will be difficult.

Its functions should be further developed

It is true that we are looking at the first generation of intelligent clocks, and that still needs development at the level of software and hardware but we can already say that it is complicated to develop more functions than these devices have today. We will be able to take calls, answer messages and emails, view certain multimedia content, access maps, etc; but most of these tasks we already do comfortably with our smartphone and the size of a watch doesn’t seem to be the most suitable for them .

From what we know of the Apple Watch, it will not revolutionize the market because of the new functions and features it will bring, and that, is undoubtedly bad news, when it comes to what Apple stands for . It may be a bestseller, but it may be a failure of Cupertino’s company’s innovation and ability to create new products that push the boundaries of technology beyond what other companies have done so far.

Battery life

During the average life of an ordinary watch, we can at most change the battery once. In the case of smart watches, the time will be much shorter as we are already seeing in the devices that exist on the market and in those that are about to arrive , as is the case of the Apple Watch. From what we know about the Apple watch, it will be necessary to charge it practically every day, as we do with our smartphone , which may be uncomfortable for some and even impractical as it is something we are not used to do and to which we will have to get used.

Ultimately, this would mean reversing the process that marks all other devices like smartphones and tablets , with batteries that are on the way to last two days and more, or what is the same, we would go from a classic watch that we don’t change the battery for years, to one that we have to put on a daily charge .

A design that not everyone likes

In my opinion, the Apple Watch has a good design , although I certainly find it strange that they haven’t made it round. This can harm it in front of quite a few potential buyers of it, who may see the Apple Watch as a strange device and even not suitable in certain occasions to wear it on the wrist . The fact that it has not been designed round, may cause some to opt for another intelligent watch other than the Apple Watch , such as the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R, or to decide to wait for Apple to correct this inconvenience in the second generation of its watches.

The fact is that perhaps, a round design would have managed to satisfy a greater number of possible buyers , and that although as we have said before, it has a good and careful design, with quite a few variables according to our style, the fact that it is not round is an obstacle to be overcome by many potential buyers.

In short, we can say with certainty that the Apple Watch will be a sales success at least , taking into account the high price with which it will reach the market. The danger for Apple is that it will become a simple machine for harvesting records of products sold and forget what has really catapulted it to world fame and has given it the excellent reputation it has, which is nothing other than its commitment to innovation and to the creation of products that revolutionise the lives of users and the technology market . The conclusion is clear, success in the short term, but attention to the danger in the long term, that of not innovating and only being one more in the technology market .


Do you think that the Apple Watch will be a success for Apple or do you think that it could be the beginning of a certain decline of the company? You can leave your opinion in a comment below and your reasons for doing so .

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