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2012 on the App Store


With 750,000 apps in the App Store and nearly 500 million accounts on iTunes with credit cards enabled for one-click shopping, it’s little wonder that iOS has remained the platform of choice for most mobile developers, despite Android’s lead in sales volume. While only a small number of developers make apps that earn millions, the long-distance race to make an app successful is, in most cases, making many developers unable to keep their jobs.

2012 on the App Store
2012 on the App Store

Appsfire , a website dedicated to app discovery in the App Store, has analyzed key trends in apps for 2012 and created a report that highlights the current ecosystem of the store.

In 2012, 339,164 new applications were created and 95,468 new developers joined the Apple platform. Among other conclusions, we can highlight that year after year the growth of new apps published is slowing down , probably due to the fact that the market is maturing.

Another noteworthy fact indicates the clear predominance of free or freemium models, where users download applications for free and then pay in-app to unlock additional features, if needed.

Two thirds of the items found in the App Store are free applications, i.e. 66% of all. This figure contrasts with the data obtained in 2008, when one out of every four apps was free, i.e. 26% of all apps.

According to Appsfire :

Here’s the computer graphics.

A good article by the New York Times on app economics painted a bleak picture where only a few select developers were making enough money selling their apps on the App Store to be considered a success, with most other developers surviving on the edge of profitability .

As expected, games remain the most lucrative category on the App Store, despite representing only 16% of the total number of applications. Games are followed by Education at 11%, entertainment at 9%, lifestyle at 8% and book apps.

Appsfire also noted last month that Apple had approved more than one million applications in total in the last four years since the start of the App Store. Over the years some apps have been removed from the store, either due to developer choice, copyright or any other reason the company has decided to remove these apps.

In fact, more than 25% of the applications submitted and approved have been withdrawn from the store.

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