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2010 MacBook White goes on the list of obsolete Macs

The white polycarbonate MacBook was arguably one of the most recognizable laptops of its time and is now saying goodbye to it completely.

The white MacBook was originally introduced in 2006 as a replacement for the iBook. Years later, in 2009, it received a redesign to make it unibody and a year later it received its last update.

2010 MacBook White goes on the list of obsolete Macs
2010 MacBook White goes on the list of obsolete Macs

Now, seven years later, Apple has included the white polycarbonate MacBook in the list of obsolete Macs . This means that the company will no longer sell spare parts for this equipment and that if we have problems with one we will have to turn to the second-hand market to obtain replacements or directly consider renewing the equipment for a more recent one.

Along with the iconic white MacBook, the 2009 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro is now listed as obsolete.

Although those who continue to use this model of laptop will see it as very bad news, we believe it is quite the opposite. This is one shows more of the real life time that Apple devices can have . Despite being laptops that have been on the market for seven or eight years, the company still supported them until now and in case of failure it was possible to repair them at any Apple technical service.

Virtually no other consumer electronics manufacturer extends the support time for its products as much as Cupertino’s company, which again underscores the importance Apple places on its after-sales service .

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