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$2,000 speakers? Apple starts selling the Devialet brand


If you’re a compulsive music lover or simply love to listen to loud, high quality music, watch out for this. It turns out that Apple has just reached an agreement with the French firm Devialet to market its well-known range of premium speakers in the main stores of the Californian company in the United States. And when we say premium, we don’t mean it as a joke: The Phantom model will sell for a whopping 1990 dollars, while the Phantom Silver version will sell for 2390 dollars.

$2,000 speakers? Apple starts selling the Devialet brand
$2,000 speakers? Apple starts selling the Devialet brand

Obviously, they are within the reach of the pockets of a privileged few. This agreement also provides that the prices at which they are sold in the apple company’s stores are exactly the same as those that would have to be paid by purchasing them directly from the manufacturer. If you don’t know Devialet, it’s a French manufacturer of wireless speakers, which has a series of patents that guarantee “imploding sound”.

These speakers are capable of reproducing up to twenty times the power of speakers of the same size, and if you are wondering why they are so expensive, consider that a whopping ten years of development and nearly $25 million in R&D have gone into their creation . An investment of resources that the European brand intends to recover in the selling price.

As you can imagine, this agreement is in the words of the French company’s managers “a dream” since they have a way of reaching the general public. The lucky buyers of these speakers will be able to synchronize their iPhone with them and enjoy a specific application to manage them.


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