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20% thinner and no physical buttons

What better than a great iPhone6 concept to liven up our long summer evenings and get us ready for what Apple may have in store for us when we return from vacation. Although Cupertino is not expected to launch design this year with the iPhone range, it is interesting to see how the different artists are trying to draw the future of the company’s terminal.

This time we bring you an absolutely groundbreaking iPhone 6, which has little or nothing to do with the design that Apple has shown so far. But what is interesting is not its new look, but the functions it offers: Circular LED, all the touch buttons and much more. See it?

The concept shows a completely revamped iPhone 6: lighter, slimmer and with interesting new features

20% thinner and no physical buttons20% thinner and no physical buttons

The first thing that jumps out when you see the concept is its new design. Suddenly, the iPhone seems to have made a leap of at least 5 generations. This time, we move away from Jony Ive’s design lines and see a much more geometric iPhone , with an extremely thin frame and very marked bezels. The author of the concept argues that this new look would be much more ergonomic. Here a server doubts about it.

The top corners include touch buttons that serve to adjust the volume level and at the top of the device we find the typical lock button, but this time in a tactile way. What’s more surprising, however, is the new Home button, which is also incorporated via a touch surface. Could that be the long-awaited fingerprint sensor?

Thanks to the absence of physical buttons, this iPhone 6 is only 5.5 mm thick , which is up to 20% thinner than the iPhone 5. Now the question that arises for all of us is whether it would be comfortable to carry a device of these dimensions in your hand.

As reported by the guys at GottaBe Mobile, the concept incorporates an 18 megapixel rear camera and a ring flash to help provide better image capture. The designer himself says that there is a mode for when we are in low light conditions and another for taking panoramic images.

Do you like this concept of iPhone 6? Are you convinced by the proposed design? Which one of the seen so far would you stay? Leave us a comment with your opinion.