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20 Great GIFs You Should See

GIFs, those trendy images on the Internet that summarize a video, a wine or a few images in a few moments. At iPadizate we love Apple GIFs, which you can see if you follow us on our Twitter. That’s why today we’re going to show you 20 Apple GIFs that you have to see.

GIF or Graphics Exchange Format was created by CompuServe in 1987. This compression algorithm allows large images to be downloaded faster. This format has a color palette restricted to 256 colors, which means that the image adapts by reducing the wide variety of colors currently offered by current formats and loses some quality.

Comparison between all Apple iPhones

20 Great GIFs You Should See
20 Great GIFs You Should See

A GIF with all the Apple iPhones , from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 6 Plus in which you can see the speed at which the smartphones of the guys on the block are unlocked, very curious to compare how both the devices and the different iOS have evolved.

A curious trick

How to make a homemade case for your iPhone and Smartphone with a balloon. A bit lame when it comes to such a valuable device? Well yes, as they said on twitter, putting a cover on it is like putting a balloon cover on the seats of a Ferrari, but it is still curious and worth seeing.

The future Apple Campus 2

Apple’s new Campus 2, which will be powered solely by renewable energy, is expected to be available by the end of 2016. The Spaceship will be the workplace for more than 13,000 employees of the Cupertino boys and we can summarize it in this GIF.

Evolution of iOS

This GIF summarizes all changes to iOS from the first to iOS 8 . At first glance you can see how the Apple operating system has evolved and the changes it has had, no doubt a GIF to save for the more nostalgic.

An iPhone 7 concept

This GIF represents the wishes of many for a future iPhone 7 . We already told you that we hope to see 10 things on the iPhone 7 but this GIF goes a bit further, it would surely be a success. For asking that it doesn’t stay!

The eternal battle between iOS and Android summed up in a fantastic GIF

It’s everywhere, in every post that we compare iOS with Android there are many comments, opinions, arguments and sometimes passions and disqualifications of Apple’s followers against Google’s system. This can be summarized in the following GIF.

Tom Hanks and the iPad

We don’t know why this happens but it could very well be one of us when we are asked to leave our iPhone and iPad.

The evolution of the iPhone

In this fantastic GIF we can see the evolution of the iPhone from the first model to the new iPhone 6, another image to keep for the most fans of the Apple smartphone.

The evolution of the iPad

In this GIF we can see how the iPad has changed from its side view from the first to the iPad Air 2. No doubt it is amazing how the thickness of the Apple tablet has evolved.

A GIF for pranks

This GIF of the apple boys can be used to play a good joke on any friend. If you manage to get hold of his iPhone, install it in the background and return it to him saying he seems to have a problem. What a face he’s going to make!

An Apple GIF

This curious GIF simulates Cupertino’s boys’ apple disappearing in bites.

Deal with it

For the geeks this GIF is a meme adapted to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 unboxing

In this GIF we can see how the iPhone box is opened and unpacked with everything that comes with it in the box. Curious!

Hypnotic Apple logo GIF

Homer and the iPad

In this image we can see the great Homer J. Simpson doing one of his with the iPad.

A Tweak for iPhone

In this GIF we can see the Tweak that gives our iPhone the appearance of the Apple Watch.

Touch ID

An iPhone concept

Wild FaceTime

In this GIF we can see how the technology does not escape even the animals and how they react while using FaceTime.

Apple Watch

This GIF is extracted from the Apple Watch presentation to finish and remind you that the presentation with all its details will be next March 9th.

We hope you liked our GIFS! Do you have any Apple GIFs that don’t appear? Share them with us in the comments!

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