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20 Freshly baked Tweaks for iOS 8.4

About three days ago we posted 20 new tweaks of Cydia. Today, we bring you 20 more, but this time all of them are compatible with the iOS 8.4 jailbreak. Would you like to discover them with us?

Each of these new tools and utilities from Cydia could well be included in our list of iOS 8.4 compatible tweaks as they are very interesting modifiers.

  • Browsix ($2.99)
  • NoTrending (free)
  • NoNowPlayingStatusBar (free)
  • Floater (free)
  • DarkCC (free)
  • RomanPasscode (free)
  • Gauss 2 ($0.99)
  • Velox Lite (free)
  • Cydia Ratings (free)
  • SmartSourcePrompt (free)
  • ProximityActivator (free)
  • AniBanner ($0.99)
  • TextSearch (free)
  • KeySwipe ($1.00)
  • FrontCameraUnMirror (free)
  • SwipeToDelete (free)
  • SongCount (free)
  • Hide Badge Text (free)
  • FastCenters (free)
  • Syria (free)
20 Freshly baked Tweaks for iOS 8.4
20 Freshly baked Tweaks for iOS 8.4

In case you don’t know how one of these tweaks works, the guys at iDownloadblogs have got to work and uploaded a video to YouTube explaining its features.

Our favorites are Browsix, Floater, Syria and Cydia Ratings. Want to know more about them?


Browsix is a great multitasking tweak that gives us the possibility of having a floating window for web browsing that can be positioned on any side of the screen and resized to the consumer’s taste. A really useful tweak!


When installing Floater our Notification Center and Control Center appear to be floating above the screen. A very interesting effect and it has options and other interface elements to configure it. And you don’t need Winterboard!

Tweak NCFloater.


Syria is a fairly simple extension for the iPhone and iPad with jailbreak that allows us to integrate Cydia into Siri. This way we can ask her anything related to the jailbreak. What do you think?

Cydia Ratings

Cydia Ratings gives us the option to view ratings for each tweak as it happens in the App Store. At the moment there are only the most popular ones, but the more people that join, the more complete the tweak will be.

What did you guys think of today’s tweaks selection? Any recommendations, guys?