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2.5-inch screen and wireless charging for iWatch

When summer is close to its appearance, the rumors that haunt the bitten apple company are numerous and constant . After the hot season, Cupertino starts to show all his new hardware , at least for his star devices like the iPhone or the iPad. This year, with permission from iPhone 6 , the star of the show will be iWatch.

To mention this protagonism, there are many rumours, information and supposed leaks that we are seeing from this device. On this occasion, they have echoed some of the possibilities and characteristics with which this incursion of the Californians in the segment of wearables could arrive.

2.5-inch screen and wireless charging for iWatch
2.5-inch screen and wireless charging for iWatch

On one side we have the screen . At this point in the film, there has been a lot of talk about the screen format that will accompany this brand’s intelligent clock. We have talked about flexible screens, various technologies to use, different sizes, etc. In this occasion, they choose a rectangular format of the screen and a size of 2.5 inches , all supplied by LG Display.

On the other hand, they highlight the possibility that the device comes with a wireless charging system , something that has already been commented on several times and that, in my opinion, would not be a crazy idea and would be a much more convenient recharging option. Along with this, we would see the arrival of different sensors that would allow us to measure some of our vital components such as our heart rate.

As we always say, it’s just rumours and we’ll have to wait, predictably, until October to see what iWatch will actually be. Without a doubt, 2.5 inches of screen for something we’ll be wearing on our wrist seems excessive and uncomfortable to me . Sooner or later we’ll see Tim Cook on stage presenting his new device and we’ll be here, in AppleSupportPhoneNumber , to tell you all the details that will be coming up during these months .

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