1Password, or how to remember all our passwords

In the virtual world in which we move it is increasingly important to keep our security, and more difficult to remember all the passwords we are using in our digital life. To facilitate having protected and in one place all our sensitive information we show you 1Password, a very interesting and secure tool.

As we enter the digital world, we open accounts in different services, register on different pages and acquire software that requires a key for installation . All those passwords and data are very difficult to remember, especially when our “digital life” is long and we have browsed many sites. The solution we bring you today allows us to store all that data in one place while keeping it synchronized with all the equipment we need.

Installing 1 Password

1Password, or how to remember all our passwords
1Password, or how to remember all our passwords

We can buy the application from the Mac App Store , making sure we always have it up to date, or we can buy it from their official website, although the next version (4.0) will only be possible to buy it from the Mac App Store . We can also buy the version for Windows or Android from the same page or the version for iPhone or iPad from the App Store . I’m telling you, the price is not cheap, but it’s really worth it. You also have the option to buy multiple licenses in one pack, like OS X and Windows together.

If we have bought it through the Mac App Store, the installation is very simple, we just have to follow the instructions and that’s it . If we’ve bought it from the official website, it’s exactly the same: we drag the application to our desktop and run it, following the instructions. For the language don’t worry, is translated into Spanish .

Using the program

It is very easy to use. Once we’ve set the main entry password (the only one we’ll have to remember) it’s as simple as entering it and pressing the unlock button. We’ll be taken to the application’s main screen where we’ll see all of the passwords we have saved . We can add an image to each of them so that we know which page or service it refers to. The information we can add is fairly extensive so that we can add notes and other interesting information.

The application includes the possibility to install extensions in the internet browser that you use, so that you don’t have to constantly open the program to remember passwords, but with a click of the mouse the browser places the username and password if necessary. Also includes a password generator , very useful if you usually register on many pages.

Another very useful feature it incorporates is the synchronization . If we have an iPhoneiPodiPad we can synchronize it via wifi or with the connection cable of the iDevice . Mac App Store, App Store, Web oficial

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Interesting if you have several devices and want to store the passwords you need on all of them.

Not only can we store the passwords we use when browsing, but we can also store in this program all our sensitive information , such as the data on our cards, the serial numbers of the software we have purchased or identity data that we do not want to share. And the interesting thing is that all this can be saved with a double password , the one for logging in and a different, more secure one.


Although it is not a cheap program, it is really worth the price as it is rated as one of the best and safest in its category. Moreover, its simplicity of use gives it an added value, as it is not difficult to use. Its design is very good, Apple style, and it hardly consumes any resources, so it is also valid for older computers. Its price for Mac and Windows is $49.99 and for iPhoneiPad it’s $14.99 .

1 Password

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