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1980, the year Porsche made the iCar

Can you imagine an Apple car? I mean, a car that’s made by the company on the block and integrates all their services. Well, we don’t have that at the moment, but in 1980 there was something similar, a Porsche for the Le Mans race sponsored by Apple. No doubt something worth contemplating, here is all the details of this race.

During the 1980s, Steve Jobs was a big fan of Porsche, so much so that in 1980 Apple even sponsored a Porsche for the Le Mans race , the 24-hour race that tests the endurance of sports cars.

1980, the year Porsche made the iCar
1980, the year Porsche made the iCar

The car itself was a beauty , not only because of the sponsorship, but because of the construction and the characteristics of the engine of the car. Driving the car was the work of drivers Allan Moffat, Bobby Rahal and Bob Garretson as part of the Dick Barbour racing team, possibly one of the best teams to enter the race.

With such precedents, the logical thing would be for them to win the race, however, they did not. With 13 hours to go until the end of the competition, the Apple-sponsored Porsche melted down one of the piston rings , which meant that the race was lost. They drove a couple more laps, but still had to drop out. However, in the next two races they came seventh and third, respectively.

Today , in some European competitions that recall the great races, you can find imitations of the “iCar” that he so much admired during the race of Le Mans. It is expensive that there are many years left for Apple to consider making its own car, not ostentatious, for now we can find manufacturers that integrate Apple’s services in their cars, such as the integration of Siri in some cars.

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