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18 Tips to Make the Most of Safari on iPad and iPad Mini

Great tricks for getting more out of Safari on iPad and iPad Mini with iOS 7

If yesterday we showed you 15 good tricks for getting the most out of Mail in iOS 7 with an iPad or iPad Mini, today we bring you no less than 18 new tips for squeezing the new Safari app . Are you ready? Let’s start with a quick answer.

1. Smart search field

Thanks to the unification of the search bar in Safari, you can now type in both a url and the name of what you’re looking for. When you start typing, the search bar will suggest some results that might match what you’re looking for.

2. Quickly enter web addresses

18 Tips to Make the Most of Safari on iPad and iPad Mini
18 Tips to Make the Most of Safari on iPad and iPad Mini

With keyboard shortcuts in iOS 7, entering URLs is easier than ever. By holding down the (.) key with your finger, you can display a list of the most frequently used domain extensions.

3. Using the Safari Reader

By touching the icon on the left of the search bar, you can access the Safari reader. This tool is very useful for turning a page full of distractions into clear, perfectly readable text. A very interesting option to consume text from an iPad or iPhone.

4. Increase or decrease font size

If your Safari font is too small for you, you can increase it through the system settings. From Settings – General – Text Size , you can adjust it to suit your needs and change it whenever you like.

5. Adding websites to favorites

To add a website to your favourites it is as easy as clicking on the ” Share ” button on the top bar and selecting the ” Favourites ” option. From now on, the website icon will be present every time you open a new tab.

6. See shared links

In iOS 7, Safari shows us the links that are shared by the Twitter users you follow, so it’s a good way to stay informed about what’s going on in the network. To access this, we have to click on the icon of ” Bookmarks ” and select the tab with the sign ” @ “.

7. Reading list

If you have found a long article that you find interesting, but don’t have time to read it at the time, you can choose to use the reading list. By clicking on the ” Share ” button, you can add that website to the reading list so that you can read it later.

8. Search in the current page

If you’re looking for a particular word within a website, it can be hard to find, but using the new Safari Unified Bar makes it much easier. When you’re on the web, typing the words you’re looking for into the search bar displays all the results found within the page itself.

9. iCloud tabs

If you have more than one device synced with iCloud, the iCloud tabs are a great way to sync the different pages you’ve been viewing on other iDevices or Macs on a single device.

10. Private navigation

One new feature of Safari is Private Browsing, which allows you to search the web for anything you want without leaving a trail on your device. Activating it is as simple as opening a new tab and selecting ” private browsing ” in the lower left corner.

11. Restricting access to websites

If you have children and want to make sure they don’t get in according to which pages, you can restrict access to these pages through Settings – General – Restrictions – Websites .

12. Gestures to move forward and backward

iOS 7 has implemented a wide variety of gestures to make some of the system’s functions much easier and faster. In Safari, you can now scroll forward or backward by sliding your finger from the left side of the screen or vice versa.

13. Open a link in Google Chrome quickly

If you want to open a website in Google Chrome, now you don’t have to leave Safari, because with this simple command the application will open automatically. If we enter in the search field ” googlechrome:/ “, followed by the address without the particle “http:/”, we’ll open Chrome instantly.

14. Add a credit card

If you’re one of those who makes a lot of purchases on iPad, you’ll be glad to know that you can now save your credit card so you don’t have to keep entering it. From Settings – Safari – Password and AutoFill you can enter your credit card details for future purchases.

15. Share a page using AirDrop

If you have an iPad 4 or iPad Mini, you can share web pages using AirDrop, the new feature introduced in iOS 7. If we go to the ” Share ” button, we’ll see that one of the options allows us to share content using AirDrop.

16. Look at the loading progress on the tabs

If you have several tabs open, you can see the loading progress of all of them through the thin blue line that appears below each one.

17. See recently closed tabs

If you leave your finger on the button to open a tab, you can have a preview of the last closed tabs.

18. Quick access to history

As we have seen in iPhoneHacks, by pressing your finger on the forward or backward buttons, we will have a reduced preview of the last visited pages.

What other tricks do you know to get the most out of Safari? Did you already know all these?

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