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17 Tweaks by Cydia that deserve to be installed on iPhone

This week there are great news in the jailbreak plan in the form of new tweaks of Cydia for iPhone . Today we will present 17 essential tweaks that are worth installing on your Apple smartphones.

If you’ve been too busy and couldn’t get into Cydia to search and discover new tweaks, don’t miss this list!

17 Tweaks by Cydia that deserve to be installed on iPhone
17 Tweaks by Cydia that deserve to be installed on iPhone

At the bottom of this article, you’ll find a comment section where you can suggest and recommend new tweaks , as well as share with the rest of the readers your assessment of these useful Cydia tools for iPhone.

Selection of 17 new Cydia tweaks for iPhone


Animo is a fabulous tweak that allows us to create unique animated messages.


The free CCSwipe tweak simply replicates Auxo’s upward sliding gesture.


CyNotifier notifies us when a package is ready to be updated on Cydia.


Eclair hides the open application when locking the iPhone.

Fake GPS

Fake GPS allows us to fake our location.


A very interesting tweak from Cydia that allows us to add several blur effects to the folders on the iPhone’s home screen, highly recommended!


The tweak for iPhone Fuse shows the clock on the lock screen when the music is playing.

HiddenConvos Pro

HiddenConvos Pro is a simple tweak for iPhone that offers us the possibility to hide conversations in the native iOS Messages app in order to keep our privacy.

LockScreen Weather

A great tweak that shows us the weather information on the iPhone’s lock screen.

Particle Wallpapers

Particle Wallpapers offers a complete set of dynamic wallpapers.


PrismBoard is a customization tweak that changes, at random, the colors of the keys on the keyboard.


Bring the Office 2013 cursor to your iPhone.


A transition animation for the keyboard.


TwitVerified is a Cydia tweak that allows us to see who has a verified Twitter account directly from the application’s timeline.


Viber++ is an extension that brings interesting new features and functions to the official Viber application.


A useful tool that allows us to send almost any file through WhatsApp.


Wu-Lock is a Cydia tweak that provides us with Wu-Tang based customizations.

Your recommendations?

These are the latest tweaks that have been released on Cydia over the past week and that we have been able to discover thanks to our iDownloadblog partners. Have you downloaded any of them? Which one is your favourite? Do you think there are any tweaks missing for iPhone in this compilation? Share it with us from the comments section.

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