17 addictive games for your new iPhone or iPad

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17 addictive games for your new iPhone or iPad
17 addictive games for your new iPhone or iPad


Compartir 17 juegos adictivos para estrenar tu nuevo iPhone o iPad



I’m sure you have great plans to take advantage of the new iPhone or iPad that these Kings have given you. Although you’re sure to plan to squeeze the most out of them in terms of productivity, you also have to know how to have fun. And there’s no better way than downloading one of those addictive games for iPhone and iPad . One of those games that you can’t let go of even with fire.

  • If there’s one addictive game, it’s Alto’s Oddysey. An endless runner in which to run non-stop. Download App Store (paid).
  • And if you missed the game that started the saga, you can also get Alto’s Adventure. Download App Store (paid).
  • It’s been almost a year since the Portal game came to iOS as a bridge builder. Download App Store (paid).
  • Civilization VI does not need introductions, although there is a description: it is a turn-based game where you control a civilization over time. Download App Store (free, with purchase).
  • A space gnome that travels through the cosmos with its magic flute? Little more is needed to know about Samorost 3 to get you hooked. Download App Store (paid).
  • Monument Valley 2 is a super entertaining puzzle and mystery game, although it can be made a little short. Highly recommended. Download App Store (paid).
  • Jumpy Stack is a platform game where we will be jumping with our 8-bit character to avoid being thrown into the abyss by one of the plates. As they say with the floors, better to see it in person. Download App Store (free, with purchase).
  • If you’re one of those who likes to unravel mysteries and escape from impossible places, we have three of these games for you (free, with purchase): Spotlight: Room Escape, Horror Escape and Scary Escape.

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  • Holedown is addiction in its purest form. You will have to break the obstacles that appear on the screen with a series of balls to reach the heart of the level. Download App Store (paid).
  • Fortnite is, for many, the game of the year. Download it to your iPhone and iPad to fight online with lots of players from all over the world on a Battle Royale type map. Download App Store (free, with purchase).
  • Personally, I’ve been hooked on Brawl Stars for several days now. It has all the ingredients to throw away your time as soon as you get a little careless. Download App Store (free, with purchase).
  • Gone Home is a game in which you must discover the mystery of the disappearance of your family after returning from living abroad. Not to be missed. Download App Store (paid).
  • Another of my favorite games: Mini Metro. A super simple metro line construction simulator, where you will have to manage your city in the most efficient way. Download App Store (paid).
  • Threes! is a puzzle game in which you add tiles in threes. Well, it’s better to play it than to explain it. Download App Store: free and paid version.
  • The Room: Old Sins is a game in which you must solve complicated puzzles that are in the form of “boxes” or models. If you play it in one go it can get short, but you have the other three games in the saga to satisfy you. Download App Store (paid).

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