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16-Inch MacBook Pro Confirmed with New Details

One of the definitions of a snitch in the SAR is “a person who accuses or informs on someone or secretly informs about something. Well, that adjective is perfectly applicable to many of the software versions that Apple releases, such as the latest Catalina 10.15.1 macOS, which has just confirmed the new MacBook Pro and some of its features. Here’s all the details.

Many of us were expecting an Apple event in late October. Not that it was a wish, which is also, that many company gurus had stated that it would take place and that we would see new products presented there, such as the AirPods Pro, which were already launched this week. The rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro was also meant to be the star of this supposed event, but in the end it wasn’t.

16-Inch MacBook Pro Confirmed with New Details
16-Inch MacBook Pro Confirmed with New Details

However, despite the lack of an event, the new MacBook Pro is now more than confirmed thanks to the latest MacOS update. As reported from 9to5Mac, in this version have been found indications that this new team exists, although it remains unknown when it could be announced by Cupertino’s company.

One of the innovations we will see in this equipment is a power key that would also serve as Touch ID , which is also outside the Touch Bar. In this way you would have access to a biometric security system in a button of your own, as would be the case with the ESC key. The latter appears on the Touch Bar at certain times, but does not have a unique space like other common keys such as space or enter. All this is visible through the above filtered image.

We will have to see the exact and complete functions of this equipment, but for the moment what is commented in this article is practically a fact because information has been taken from Apple itself and not through any person outside the company. Beyond that, the rest is hearsay. You can get all the information on the 16-inch MacBook Pro by clicking here .

So, unless we are surprised, we could be closer and closer to officially knowing this team . The way to get to know it will be, also unless we are surprised, through a press release from the company. This could happen in the next weeks and even before the end of this one, as it would not be unreasonable after having already seen the AirPods Pro.

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