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15 tips from ChAIR developers to master the Infinity Blade II

Since its release the game Infinity Blade II has been a huge success, many reasons why it has been rated one of the highest rated games on the App Store. ChAIR has been able to provide this sequel with better graphics, even more elements and game modes, more objects to master, thus extending its circular gameplay to truly addictive heights (the server can no longer count the number of times it has finished and is still hooked).

15 tips from ChAIR developers to master the Infinity Blade II
15 tips from ChAIR developers to master the Infinity Blade II

Well, whether you’re new to the game or have mastered virtually every item in its barbaric worlds, you’re sure to find the fifteen tips given by the developers very useful .

You have them all in the extended entry, surely many of them when reading them you will think that they are of common sense, nevertheless surely you discover something that you had not thought, there is some of them that is not so trivial, mainly in the use of the arms.

I apologize in advance for any translation that I may have made a little too lightly, I think that the purpose of each of the tips listed below is understood in itself:

  • Repel the attacks of your enemies by sliding your finger in the same direction of the movement of the enemy weapon or in the opposite direction. Sometimes it’s better to stop an enemy combo by making movements in reverse but other times it will be better in the direction the enemy weapon takes.
  • Pay attention to the jewelry modifiers and set the ones that best complement your stats. Equip when you can those that provide more gems or more gold.
  • Save the magic and super movement for when you really need it. It is really effective to perform them when the enemy is going to execute a complex set of blows.
  • Equip the jewelry that provides more gold to earn money faster
  • Use the life regeneration potions before a difficult enemy to regenerate life points during combat.
  • You have to be alert to find the hidden keys, they are very difficult to see because of their size but they can lead you to great treasures.
  • When we wield a heavy weapon and repel an enemy’s attack we automatically gain a shield point to block later.
  • A good counterattack will give your opponent more time to attack without mercy and leave them stunned.
  • A good blocking prevents any damage from the opponent, even if we do not have defense jewels against that elemental.
  • To maximize damage from heavy weapons, prepare the combo for the end of the opponent’s stun window.
  • To have an ultra combo with the double weapons you need to do left, right and up when we are stringing combos.
  • Rivals have more or less the same elemental during each renaissance, equipping the right jewels for each is much better.
  • The enemies are weak to the elemental opposite to the one they attack, that is to say that if we find a bug with fire attack, if we attack with ice we will do more damage.
  • Using the double weapons allows you to execute several combos one after the other, chaining them together.


So there’s no one better than the game’s developers to give us tips on how to discover all its secrets. You know, people, by following these tips you’ll master the game in no time.

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