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15 Tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Get the most out of iOS 8 with these tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

When a new version of an operating system is released, it usually brings many new features. Many of these new features and functions are obvious, but companies also often include other “somewhat hidden” functions in the eyes of users. iOS 8 was no less and landed on September 17th for all users loaded with exciting new features.

In addition to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8 can also be installed on the iPhone 4S from now on, the iPad 2 and iPad Mini or higher , and finally on the 5th generation iPod Touch.

15 Tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
15 Tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you have one of the compatible models and have already installed iOS 8 or are planning to buy an iPhone 6 in a few days, you’ll certainly want this compilation with the 15 best tricks for getting the most out of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Tips to get the most out of iOS 8

Rapid response

One of the most practical new features of iOS 8 is the fast response from notifications , which makes it possible to respond to a message easily without having to leave the application we are in. Simply slide your finger down on the notification to open the text box to reply.

Favorite and recent contacts in multitasking

We know this feature from the iOS 8 Beta versions. Apple has given a twist to the multitasking window and now when we double click on the Home button we will not only see the applications we have open, but will also show the recent contacts and favourites . When we click on one of them a window will appear and we can choose whether we want to call it or send it a message.

Share your location

We agree that this feature was already possible thanks to Google Maps, but now sharing the location is much easier thanks to iOS 8. When we meet in a Message conversation, just go to Details and click on “Send my current location” . Also, in case we are going to move and we want a certain contact to know where we are, we can leave the option active to share our location until we want to.

Silences conversations in Messages

We don’t leave any Messages, as this application has received numerous improvements in iOS 8. Another one is that a Do Not Disturb option has also been included within Details that allows you to mute a conversation.

Multiple photo submissions

Now we won’t have to leave Messages to send more than one photo at a time to a contact, since when we click on the camera icon the last 20 photos will appear and we’ll be able to select the ones we want to send at once.

Send photos and videos quickly

We still don’t get out of Messages, because now it’s much easier to send photos and videos instantly. If we leave the camera icon pressed, a wheel appears to select whether we want to record a video or take a photo that will be sent instantly.

Looking for an old attachment? Now you can find it

Finally, within details in the Messages application there are also new options for setting up messaging and even for viewing all attachments shared with that contact or group in question . A feature that was already available in other applications such as WhatsApp, but which in Messages did not yet exist and had to be searched manually in the conversation.

New functions in the Mail application

Apple has also included improvements to Mail, its email application. It is now much faster to reply to mail and can be removed by sliding your finger over the message . On the other hand, when we reply to a message it will be written in the same window and sliding your finger down will hide the writing.

More photo editing options

In addition to including new features in the Camera, Cupertino’s have included new options for editing photos from the Photos application. It is now possible to modify values such as exposure, contrast, brightness and composition of the photos very easily.

Share applications with your family

Another exciting new feature of iOS 8 is that you can buy an application and share it with the rest of your family . It’s as easy as entering Settings – iCloud and activating the Family Sharing feature. There you can choose up to 6 people to share applications with. However, they must have your credit card details, so it’s not recommended to use it with friends.

Improve your searches with Spotlight

The iOS search engine has been improved to provide a better user experience . As in iOS 7, simply slide your finger down on the main screen to display the search bar. You can use it to search inside the iDevice and also on the Internet.

More information in the application Time

At first glance it may seem that the Weather app has not changed anything from the previous version, but if we slide the screen upwards new very interesting information will appear : wind, visibility, humidity, pressure and rainfall probability, among others.

Switch your iDevice screen to black and white

If we go to Settings – General – Accessibility we will find an option to convert the screen of our iPhone or iPad to black and white . However, the screenshots will not be in black and white, but in color.

Most visible emoticons

Previously, you had to download the emoticons or emojis as a separate application and install them as a new language on the keyboard, but with iOS 6 they became standard , although to access them you still had to click on the world ball icon where you chose the activated languages. Now, a smiley face will appear on the keyboard and is much more intuitive.

Maximizes battery use

The autonomy of mobile devices is often one of their main weaknesses. With iOS 8, Apple has added a section within the Phone Settings in which we can see the battery consumption of each application , which can help us to extend the autonomy of our device a little more. And that according to some users is convenient to solve the battery problems that are causing the new iOS, because it seems to leave applications open as the camera which increases consumption.

So much for the fifteen iOS 8 tricks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch collected by the guys at The Huffington Post. As always, this is a small selection and there are many more tricks . If you think we’ve left something out that you consider important, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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