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15 Essential Apps You Should Have Yes or Yes on iPhone

The App Store has an endless catalogue of applications of all kinds for the iPhone for messaging, social networking, productivity, entertainment… So much so that sometimes it’s difficult to choose which apps to download, which is why today we bring you a selection of 15 must-have apps that should not be missing from your iPhone , whether you’ve just got it or you’ve been using it for a while, as they can be very useful.

First of all, we recommend you check the version of the system you have installed on your iPhone . The most recent version is iOS 8.1.3, which is available for the iPhone 4S onwards, so if you have one of the latest models of the Apple smartphone we recommend you upgrade. With it, the company has managed to solve most of the problems present in previous versions, in addition to improving its performance.


15 Essential Apps You Should Have Yes or Yes on iPhone
15 Essential Apps You Should Have Yes or Yes on iPhone

It is the instant messaging application par excellence. It currently has over 800 million active users and allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family, send text messages, voice messages, share pictures and videos…

In addition, voice calls are now available on the iPhone since the last update.


Another of the most used instant messaging applications by users. One of Telegram’s strong points is the security it offers with message encryption, in addition to allowing the sending of all types of files (photos, videos, text documents, .zip files…). Apart from the iPhone application, it can also be used on the iPad or from the computer thanks to the web version.


If you are an active user of this Twitter network, you can’t miss the official application on your iPhone. With it you can check your Timeline whenever you want, if someone has mentioned you, write tweets and much more, all from the palm of your hand.


Another application that you should have yes or yes on your iPhone is Facebook. With it you can check what’s new on your profile, see what your contacts have shared, upload images on your wall and many other things.

Facebook Messenger

It’s been a while since Facebook decided to separate Messenger chat from the official mobile application. So, if you are one of those who use this chat to talk to your friends regularly, Messenger should not be missing on your iPhone. Among its features, it is worth mentioning the possibility of creating group chat, free calls, sending images and videos or using funny stickers, among other things.


More and more users are joining this social network to share images of their day-to-day life, as well as videos of up to 15 seconds. Through it you can share with your followers those images that you like best after giving them a retro touch with one of the filters included.


If you like to keep up to date and miss nothing, you can’t miss an RSS reader on your iPhone. Feedly is one of the most interesting options you can find in the App Store, among other things, because it has a very simple interface and is very easy to use.


Thanks to cloud storage services you can get extra space on your iPhone, as we recently told you on iPadizate. Dropbox is one of the most popular services, and of course it is also available as an iPhone application, allowing you to upload files to the cloud.


Since I discovered PushBullet it has become a must-have application for the iPhone. Thanks to it, you can take your notifications, links, files wherever you want and access them easily, for example, from your computer. You can also share information with other users who use this application.


Evernote can be used to make notes, lists, organize web articles, and much more. The beauty of Evernote is that it allows you to access content from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as share your work with others in real time.


Mailbox is an email manager for the iPhone somewhat different from what we are used to seeing. It has a very simple interface that is handled through simple touch gestures on the messages to file, delete or leave for later. The only “catch” I would put on it is that it can only be used with Gmail accounts, but otherwise it’s perfect.


If you are a sports lover or you are starting to get in shape, an application like Runtastic cannot be missing in your iPhone. It can be used for a great number of different activities, from running, cycling, walking… and records different things like distance, speed, calories burned, time or heart rate (if you have a device for it), among other things.


The world’s most popular streaming music service is also available for the iPhone, although if you have a freemium account you will have to settle for listening to the music in shuffle mode. In case you want to enjoy all the music without limits and in the order you want you must have a premium account. Either way, Spotify is a great alternative to enjoying your favourite tracks without having them stored on your iPhone.


Apple stopped including YouTube as a native iOS application some time ago, but it’s still available through the App Store. With this app, you can access millions of videos of all kinds from your iPhone and share them through other apps quickly and easily.


Last but not least, 1Password is another application that should not be missing on any iPhone. With it you can not only create and store all passwords, but you can also easily log in through it. So you don’t have to worry anymore about forgetting your password for email, Facebook, Twitter or anything else.

As you can see, the App Store is loaded with apps of all kinds for the iPhone, many of them free. These are just a few of the apps that we at iPadizate recommend you install on your iPhone , but we invite you to take a look at the app store from time to time, as you can discover some very interesting things.

From here, we invite you to tell us in the comments what are the essential applications that can not miss on your iPhone.

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