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15 days with an iPad 4 in 2017

Taking advantage that a month ago I had to spend 15 days with an iPhone 4S and the post was quite well accepted, I decided to leave aside my iPad Air 2 and take my old iPad 4 to offer you my experience with it in 2017.
I will divide the experience into 3 sections: multimedia aspects, performance and battery.

IPad 4: technical characteristics

iPad 4 connectors and inputs

15 days with an iPad 4 in 2017
15 days with an iPad 4 in 2017

The iPad 4 is a device that was introduced in October 2012, along with the first version of the iPad mini that we know of. This device, on the other hand, was the last one to keep the design of the first generation iPad.

It has 1 Gb of RAM and an A6X processor, a vitaminized version of the chip that comes with the iPhone 5.
As for the weight, it is 662 grams; as we see, much heavier than later versions.

This iPad can be found in both WiFi and LTE versions and in capacities ranging from 16 Gb to 64 Gb in the classic black and white colours.

Multimedia aspects

In this section I will tell you my experience with the screen, the audio and the camera of this iPad.
As for the screen, we can say that the experience has been magnificent, since it has a Retina screen that has a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The screen of this iPad, frankly, has little to send to current iPad models, as both the viewing angles and the resolution of the screen are very good aspects. What is missing is some brightness and some vividness in the most intense colours. Otherwise, nothing to object to.

If we refer to the audio, it is true that something else is loose here. If you turn the volume up too high, you’ll notice a certain amount of metallic in the sound compared to the iPad Air 2.

We now move on to the photographic sections. The back camera, at least personally, I don’t consider it a relevant aspect in a device like the iPad, since we are not going to go around taking pictures with it. One use that we can give and is quite assiduous in many people is to take photos of documents to pass them to PDF, for example, in my case, I do this with the iPhone and pass them to the iPad via AirDrop instead of making them with the iPad directly, as this way I take full advantage of the perfect iOS ecosystem that gives us Apple. If we look at the FaceTime camera, here you will notice a brutal drop in resolution and quality compared to its later brothers.

Performance and software

iOS 10.3.3, last version to be received by iPad 4

I currently have this iPad 4 updated to the latest iOS version available, i.e. iOS 10.3.3 and it’s actually going quite well.

While we won’t perceive an exquisite fluidity, this iPad is capable of moving virtually all applications seamlessly with the right load times.

The only thing I really miss on this iPad is the Split View, Slide Over, or watching videos in small steps while browsing another app. These last 3 features give the iPad another life, as your productivity with them will multiply exponentially and, much to my regret, this iPad 4 has none of them.


Here we find this iPad 4 tickled. While the battery performance is not too bad, it does not reach the levels we can achieve with the new models. A day’s work can be completed if you don’t give the device too much of a whirl, otherwise your battery will run out before it’s 8 hours old. Another negative aspect is the excessive battery charge time, an aspect that will not surprise us, as we know that Apple is not very prone to fast charging either.

In short, I think that this iPad today is recommended for those people who give a multimedia use, ie, watching movies, get into Netflix, watch videos on YouTube and some office use.

On the other hand, it’s true that I don’t recommend it too much, since this iPad will die with iOS 10.3.3 since its processor doesn’t work at 64 bits and, therefore, it won’t upgrade to iOS 11.
If you need a tablet and want an unpretentious iOS experience, this iPad is perfect for you if you can find it for about $180-230.

You can search for it in used apples or on Amazon for 238

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