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15 Apps that can’t be missed on a Freelancer’s iPad

Are you Freelance or Frelancer ? Today we bring you a selection of the Apps that shouldn’t be missing from your iPad, entrepreneur.

If the Apple tablet has changed the way you work , take a look at it, because the following list of apps is not wasteful.

15 Apps that can’t be missed on a Freelancer’s iPad
15 Apps that can’t be missed on a Freelancer’s iPad

Omnifocus is a simple and visual way to organize your tasks, both professional and personal.

Dropbox is the best cloud storage manager. Ideal for transparently moving files between your iPad and your computer.

LogMeIn Ignition lets you remotely connect to your PC, even if it’s thousands of miles away, to drive it.

Screens VNC is another alternative to connect remotely to your remote desktop.

Evernote is a comprehensive tool for taking notes and simple ideas and synchronizing them with other devices.

Simplenote is for taking notes, in case Evernote overwhelms you with its many options.

Remarks is one of the best apps if you’re into handwriting on the iPad screen with a stylus.

Paper is one of the best applications to feel like you are writing or drawing on real paper.

Minimal Folio is a great help for those professionals who have to show samples of their work to potential clients.

EasySign allows your customers to sign any document on the spot, keeping a backup copy of the contract in question. is one of the most comprehensive dictionaries available on the App Store.

Wi-Fi Finder contains a huge database of Wi-Fi access points around the world, so you never get disconnected.

Calendar is a simple and functional calendar for you to write down your commitments.

MoneyWiz will help you keep track of all your expenses and income, an indispensable task for running a business.

Squarespace is an app for creating websites, so that your business has visibility worldwide through the Internet.

What did you think of this selection? Would you include any other applications?

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