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15 Applications for teaching children with disabilities


The iPad is a great ally when it comes to encouraging children to learn. And if they have a disability, there is even more reason to stimulate them with games and applications that promote effective learning .

15 Applications for teaching children with disabilities
15 Applications for teaching children with disabilities

In this post we are going to present 15 fantastic applications that will help us to teach our children, or other children, their first knowledge.

SoundAMP R amplifies ambient sound, using an equalizer that will help children with hearing problems.

Read2Go is an assistant that dictates by voice the lines of text in the ebook we pass to you.

My First AAC will begin to develop children’s ingenuity through masked exercises in the form of games.

iReward is a token, prize and reward manager for children. This way, parents can reward their children as they complete their homework.

Animal Colours is a colourful application. Its animal factsheets will keep the little ones in the house entertained.

MatrixMatch 2 will help children to develop their skills of perception, discrimination and visual arrangement.

Match it up 3 challenges you to find the relationships between certain pairs of objects and animals.

Series 1 proposes us to learn by forming series of similar objects.

Soundrop allows you to create music through a series of coloured lines.

To the farm! shows us what life on a farm is like through sounds, colours and animations.

3D puzzles for children will challenge us to fit together the pieces of simple puzzles.

Adventure in Ballet Class, with Dora the Explorer HD is full of games, songs and interactive activities for children.

My Mosaic will teach you to improve your perception and coordination, which is ideal for children with problems.

Butterfly Math Addition will help children learn to count and add.

The memory train presents us with an elephant that we must help by passing small memory tests.

What did you think of our selection of apps?

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