13 tips to make your battery last longer on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10

iOS 10, the most important iOS update that has come to us in recent months, has a number of new features, which many users say drain the device’s battery quickly. If you notice that the autonomy of your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 is less than expected, there may be a system error that is creating this problem.

Last week we already saw a series of tricks for iOS 10 if our device was running slower, now it’s time to see some tricks for iOS 10 if the battery runs out too fast:

  • Limit location services: Many apps and services that use your device’s GPS are not useful, you can limit them from Settings ; Privacy ; Location
  • Use manual brightness: Brightness affects the screen of your device, and therefore is one of the most consuming things. If you modify it manually and don’t use the automatic mode, it will greatly improve your autonomy. To do so, go to Settings
  • Limit notifications: Do you need all applications to be notifying you at all times? If you limit which ones do so, you will prevent them from updating at all times and from turning on the screen whenever there is a new notification. To do this, you must configure them in the Settings ? Notifications
  • Activate the Wi-Fi call assistant: If you don’t have quality coverage you can make calls using a Wi-Fi network that doesn’t need as much power to make the call. Not all operators support this, but if yours does you can activate the feature from Settings , Phone , Wi-Fi calls
  • Disables automatic downloads: Automatic downloads allow apps to install and update themselves automatically in the background. To change this you must go to Settings ; iTunes &amp ; App Store.
  • Change the locking time: As long as the screen is not on for long, what you can do is change the locking time of the device so that it turns off as soon as possible. You can set the lock time from Settings : Display and Brightness : Auto lock
  • Disable “Lift to Reactivate”: This new feature can make our iPhone is constantly turning on the screen, we made a tutorial on how to avoid this by disabling the function.
  • Limit background updates: Not all apps on your iPhone or iPad need to be constantly updated even if you don’t use them. You can limit which of them do and don’t from Settings ? General ? Background updates
  • Use the airplane mode in extreme cases: If the iPhone does not receive good coverage what it will do is always force the antenna to improve coverage and this greatly drains the battery. To avoid this, if you are in a place with bad coverage, you can put the Airplane mode for a while, although this will cause you to have no access to the Internet at all.
  • Use the Apple Watch whenever possible: Check notifications, answer quickly, check calendars… there are many tasks that you can do directly from the Apple Watch and consequently avoid activating the iPhone screen for simple and basic tasks.
  • Kote PuertoEn Apple
    Use wireless headphones: According to Apple’s specifications for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the range is longer for wireless headphones than for lightning or jack headphones. This is understandable, considering that the wireless headset has its own battery and does not drain the iPhone’s battery.

  • Keep your device up to date: With each small update Apple improves the autonomy of the device and corrects errors that can drain the battery. That’s why you should always be updated to the latest version of iOS.
  • Set the battery saving mode: Nothing will give you more autonomy than Apple’s battery saving mode. This mode already applies some of the tricks explained above and also exclusive tricks to improve the autonomy. You can activate it from Settings , Battery , Battery Saver Mode


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