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128GB for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6

If until now the rumors concerning the future iPhone 6 almost only referred to the 4.7 inch model, from a time to this part we are having the opportunity to go knowing supposed and numerous leaks concerning what could be the first model type phablet of Apple, an iPhone that would go in size up to 5.5 inches, and that would be in line with the latest flagships of the different companies that equip their terminals with Android.

If a few days ago we were talking about the leak of two iPhone 6 models by Sonny Dickson from his Twitter account, which included the 5.5-inch model , or the photos related to an LCD panel also of that size, today we are talking about a new rumor regarding this model, and which consists of the extension of its storage capacity to 128 GB , which would be a differentiating fact with respect to what we can find today in the market, almost doubling the top of most of the big terminals.

128GB for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6128GB for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6

The rumor has been launched from the Chinese site and could have some credibility because despite the effort that companies in Chinese territory in charge of certain aspects of the manufacture of the iPhone, make to keep secret the aspects of it, leaks by workers are increasingly frequent .

We also recently learned that the 4.7-inch version is supposed to eliminate 16GB storage, offering only 32 and 64GB models, so it might make sense that this 5.5-inch model would have even more capacity . Of course, we must also take into account that if we delete the 16 GB in the 4.7-inch model, and only offer two different versions regarding the storage size, we would be against the pattern established by Apple of offering three versions. as until now, at least in iOS devices.

There have also been rumours concerning other facts that differentiate the 5.5-inch model from the 4.7-inch model, such as those referring to the possibility that the 5.5-inch model had exclusive optical image stabilisation in its camera , although these rumours are still in a very embryonic stage and would have to wait to be taken into account.