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12 Things the Apple Watch Can Do That Android Wear Can’t

Needless to say, many of us are looking forward to the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch. And the first thing it will do when it enters the market is to face its main competitor , Google. Android Wear is the operating system used by the most important smart watches on the market, such as those manufactured by LG and Samsung.

Cupertino’s company has always surprised us and they do not launch a product on the market if it is not sufficiently tested. So we are expecting a big war between the Apple Watch and its rivals , the most important question will be: who comes out of this fight more favored? We will know 12 things that the Apple Watch can do and that Android Wearers can’t do yet.

Making and receiving calls

12 Things the Apple Watch Can Do That Android Wear Can’t
12 Things the Apple Watch Can Do That Android Wear Can’t

Although all smart watches need to be connected to a phone, the Apple Watch has an added advantage thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone . You can make and receive calls. All your rivals should take note of this part, we think it’s almost essential.

Send custom drawings

Although this feature may not be the most relevant, it does emphasize the social concept that Apple has placed so much emphasis on. We can make simple drawings on the screen and send them directly to another Apple Watch.

Digital crown

Nowadays, any intelligent watch has a touch screen so that we can move around the different functions. The Apple Watch, in addition to that same touchscreen, has a rotating wheel that allows you to move around the entire clock interface. This crown simulates the classic roulette wheel that classic iPods used to have.

Sharing a Heartbeat

Yeah, it’s not one of the best features, but you can send out real heartbeats. You can tell that Apple is very health conscious, and every step you take moves you forward much faster than your Android Wear competitor.

Wifi connection

Here Apple has really hit the table and, while other manufacturers only incorporate Bluetooth into their smart watches, the Apple Watch has a Wifi connection . Although it is rumored that Android will soon release an update to be able to use this type of connection, at the moment it is just that, a rumor.

Sending touches and vibrations

This great feature will allow you to let your friends know, especially if you have sent them a message before and did not receive an answer. Also, at the moment, no competing smartwatch has this technology. Some vibrate but do not yet offer touch sending .

Personalization of the spheres

It seems that Apple, for the first time, beats Android in terms of customization. While with other smart watches they easily change the way they give the time, the Apple Watch offers a greater amount of information on the screen . You can include, in addition to the time, weather information, the current weather, etc.

Make payments using Apple Pay

Thanks to the new NFC chio you can pay directly with your Apple Watch, isn’t that great? Although that payment system is not yet available in Spain, it may soon be and when that time comes, we’ll be ready.

Force Touch

A new technology has arrived at the touch screens. Apple has introduced the new “Force Touch” system into its smart clock, which will let your smartwatch know exactly how hard you are pushing the screen. This major innovation will enable your Apple device to perform different functions depending on that pressure – magic!

Send Emojis animated

Emoticons are totally integrated in our daily life, because we can no longer write a message without adding a little face at the end of it. Well thanks to the Apple Watch we can send Emoji in motion to give a quick response to any message. Very funny!

Open hotel doors

Thanks to the new NFC chip incorporated in the new Apple Watch, and the new smart doors of some hotels, we will be able to record specific data of our hotel reservation and even open directly the door of our room. We won’t need the typical hotel cards anymore.

Send audio clips

Users using the Apple Watch will have one more advantage over watches carrying Android Wear. that we’ve recorded before, something that can be very useful for work or even fun to chat with friends, as we’ve learned from the guys at redmonpie.

What do you think of the new Apple Watch? Do you think Apple has really put all the meat on the table and we are seeing a great product? We love the new Cupertino boys’ watch, don’t you? Leave us a comment.

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