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12 things for Mac OS X Leopard

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Chirs Howard , from Apple Matters , has compiled an interesting list of 12 things that expects to see in Leopard . I’ll translate them for you to see if you agree:

12 things for Mac OS X Leopard
12 things for Mac OS X Leopard

* 1.- Automator: Friendlier and easier to use. What was shown as a Tiger add-on that anyone could handle, has ended up being more complicated than it seemed ( While you wait for Leopard to solve this, you can download Apple’s exclusive guide to handling Automator, in Spanish. ) * 2.- Split screen: This would be to be able to split our screen into ” separate pieces “, one for the everyday applications and the other with the things we need to have in sight.

* 3.- “Wake up” Macs remotely: To be able to print, for example, on a remote Mac that’s currently in hibernation… The author comments that even when ” Wake On Lan ” is not working, and that he had to make use of this excellent third party utility to do so.

* 4.- An interface for Spotlight: And more speed when displaying the results on those Macs with a lot of files. Natural language and conditioned searches wouldn’t be out of place either.

* 5.- An application launcher: How about a Quicksilvermade in Apple “? Very difficult to improve, but…

* 6.- Enhanced screenshots: With possibility to choose the directory, the format, …

* 7.- Notifications: That other applications can use, and with a visually attractive system. More or less like Growl does now.

* 8.- Improvements in the Finder: Tabbed navigation, drag-and-drop navigation ( a little bit too much, actually ), “Cut” in the context menu, improved file sorting system, a refresh key that is faster than Tiger’s “auto-refresh”…

* 9.- Virtualization: Integrated within Mac OS X.

* 10.- Improving the multi-user work system: The author says that in some multi-user environments permission management is somewhat chaotic

* 11.- Other companies’ utilities in Mac OS X: If Apple does not make versions of them… why not include them in Leopard ? For example, Growl, Quicksilver, TextExpander…

* 12.- “Flipadas visuales” ( This I have translated freely,… ): Now that Windows Vista has been “inspired” by some effects of Mac OS X … Why doesn’t Apple show what it can do… again ?

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