12″ MacBok Air, iPhone with sapphire screen and games on Apple TV. Rumorsphere


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12″ MacBok Air, iPhone with sapphire screen and games on Apple TV. Rumorsphere
12″ MacBok Air, iPhone with sapphire screen and games on Apple TV. Rumorsphere


Compartir MacBok Air de 12″, iPhone con pantalla de zafiro y juegos en el Apple TV. Rumorsfera



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A new week ends and we collect the most interesting or striking rumours of these days in our Rumosfera section . We could say that nothing new on the horizon, they are practically the same as always. Or at least the ones we already know. In one of these you will surely be right, which one is your favourite?

  • 12″ MacBook Air? It is something that has been rumored and now Daniel Matte, shows his argument to believe that it will be so. A computer that would go on to have a retinal screen with a resolution of 2732×1536 pixels.
  • iPhone with sapphire screen would already be tested. Macrumors tell it like that and it’s not strange. The company must have numerous prototypes in search of different solutions for future products. If they leave Gorilla Glass, let’s hope it’s to offer more resistance. By the way, related to the issue of sapphire glass, there is a patent describing its use.
  • New Apple TV with gaming support. This is something that has been discussed on more than one occasion. With the catalogue of games on the App Store, with the many casual gamers and potential customers, plus support for iOS 7 controllers, it’s odd that Apple hasn’t done so already. Maybe they’ve waited until there were compatible controllers or it just wasn’t time yet. At TechCrunch they also comment on other topics, such as possible updates for the current model, etc.
  • WSJ continues with the theme of future iPhones with larger screens. Of course, one of these will be right. 4.5 inches looks like it could be the size. By reducing the frame it is possible to gain that extra on screen without altering the current dimensions too much. I like bigger screens but not so much if I have to give up the comfort that iPhone 5 or higher offers right now. Of course, depending on the medium, the measurements change. 4.8″ would be another possibility.
  • New Mac mini for the end of February. A Belgian distributor, Computerstore.be, published on its website an announcement with the new model (already withdrawn) although they said it was not yet available. It may or may not be just to gain visibility. The truth is that an update would be good for it and after the financial results we will see in a few days, launching it with the new Apple TV could be interesting.

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