12-inch MacBook Air Still Waiting for Tomorrow

Digitimes continues to bet heavily on the timelessly popular 12-inch MacBook Air, and says it will be launched tomorrow, as shipments have begun from Chinese factories to Apple stores .

As rumours have it, we are looking at a 12-inch model with a Retina screen, and shipments have started in small volumes, which will increase quite a bit from November . We don’t know what will happen with the 11-inch model and the 13-inch model, but Apple may eliminate both at once and leave an intermediate model to simplify its range even more.

12-inch MacBook Air Still Waiting for Tomorrow
12-inch MacBook Air Still Waiting for Tomorrow

In terms of its specifications, we would expect a more efficient chip from the Broadwell family, making Apple the first manufacturer to have access to these chips , capable of running on computers without fans. We could also see a trackpad with no buttons, completely tactile, thus enhancing gestures and taps .

Thanks to this fanless design, we could achieve an even thinner computer, which with more contained screen edges would allow the same compact body of the current 11-inch MacBook Air .

We could also be looking at the first Mac with a reversible USB Type C, and a different logo than the one that’s been in use for decades and that has made portable Macs so distinctive and recognisable. Apple would have chosen this time to print the logo on the case with a laser, and then make it three-dimensional, shining on the sides .

The rest of the Mac range will adopt this new type of backlit logo, followed by iMac in 2015 . The MacBook Pro will follow months later in the upcoming renewals. And from Mac mini, as always, we’re still in the dark.

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