11 Tricks You May Not Know about Google Gmail

Google’s Gmail client is one of the most widely used email clients in the world , with over 500 million users. Although there is a specific application for iPad of Gmail, we are going to comment some tricks of the web client that perhaps you do not know or they serve you as aid.

With these tricks you might get better handling or more control of the Gmail web client , which you can also use from the iPad. Many of them will be available after activating them in Google Labs.

Close open sessions

11 Tricks You May Not Know about Google Gmail
11 Tricks You May Not Know about Google Gmail

Sometimes, more than you can imagine, we leave our accounts open on our computer, tablet or laptop, without realizing it and we may be working on a device that is not ours. That’s why it’s advisable to log out whenever you’re done.

In your inbox go down and in the bottom right hand corner, in small print where it says “detailed information”, click. You’ll see all of your account activity displayed, in fairly detail, and from there you can log out of any device you’ve opened it from.

Responds to mass mailings

Sometimes you will have to send the same Email to several people and you can do this with one click with the “Standard Answers” you have preset .

To create your own, you’ll need to go to Google Labs, a section in your settings where you can activate applications and features that Google is still testing. You can then write a “Standard Reply”, which you can use to reply to mass emails.

Send voice message

This function must also be activated in Google Labs and you must have an account with Google Voice , a free Google phone service. By activating it, you can have Google Voice messages played on your computer.

Cancel a shipment

Another function that you will have to activate in Google Labs and that will give you the possibility to cancel the sending of an email for a few moments. Very useful when we send something to the person or subject we don’t want by mistake .

But beware, it only allows you to cancel the shipment a few seconds later and if you leave the page you will no longer be able to cancel the shipment.

Show how many unread emails you have in Gmail

This feature is also activated in Google Labs and allows you to have an unread mail counter in the browser tab.

Very useful if you work with a lot of open tabs and keep your Gmail tab open.

Advanced searches

Sometimes you have so many emails in your inbox, you don’t know where the one you’re really looking for is.

With the advanced search engine, which searches by the people who have sent you the mail or by the subject of the mail, you can find the mail you are looking for. Use the words: “From:” and “subject:” in the navigation bar , to find the mail you’re looking for, as you can see in the image above.

Avoid getting emails through Google+

Google+, Google’s social network, is connected to Gmail and therefore you can write an email to a person in Gmail even without knowing their email address .

But if this doesn’t satisfy you, you can disable it from the settings. Just choose the “Nobody” option to the question “Who can send you emails through your Google+ profile? A simple and useful iPad trick, which prevents any Google+ contacts from sending us an email.

Export your contacts

Sometimes you’ll need to export your contacts to import them into a phone, send them to someone else, or simply save them to your computer.

In contacts click on the button “More” and there you enter the option “Export” , where you will get different options to export the contacts. A few days ago, we told you how to export your contacts from Gmail to iCloud, in case you were interested.

Silencing a Conversation

Sometimes you’re in an email that involves a large number of users, which can sometimes become exasperating because of the amount of mail that arrives in your inbox. You can mute that conversation without having to delete it . To do this, go to the menu “More” when you’re in the conversation and select the option “Mute” and that’s it, they won’t bother you anymore.

Deletes the most important messages

Gmail has a lot of storage space, but it’s not infinite. Sometimes you’ll need to delete mail to free up space .

At findbigmail.com you can find help to see which of your Gmail’s emails takes up the most space, quickly and easily. You will gain a lot of space in your Google account.

Don’t forget to respond to emails

Sometimes you get an email that you leave out to answer it and in the end you end up forgetting to do it. You can avoid this by using the “Snooze Your Email for Gmail” extension .

It is an application or “add on” or extension for the browser, which allows you to add reminders in certain messages that you decide. Find it on Google and install it on the browser you use.

Here are some of the Gmail tricks we wanted to recommend that we find very useful. The vast majority require you to use your mail client from a web browser , and Safari can use the iPad without problem in most cases. We’ve learned these tricks from the BBC.

Have you put into practice some of the tricks we’ve given you? Do you know any others we haven’t mentioned? Leave your impressions in the comments.

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