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11 tips to fix iPhone 8 & iPhone X Wi-Fi issues

Algunos iPhone X podrían tener problemas al recibir llamadas con retraso

Activa y desactiva el Wi-Fi

Un clásico que no suele fallar: Si estás intentando acceder a una red Wi-Fi y aparece un mensaje indicándote que has introducido la contraseña incorrecta y estás seguro de que la has metido bien, apaga y enciende el Wi-Fi desde el centro de control . Recuerda que la nueva interfaz del centro de control es azul cuando está conectado y blanco cuando está apagado.

Olvida una red Wi-Fi

Si tu iPhone está conectado a una red Wi-Fi pero no hay tráfico de megas, lo mejor es que olvides esta red en concreto y vuelvas a configurarla más tarde. ¿Cómo hacerlo? Ve a Ajustes> Wi-Fi . Haz tap sobre el nombre de la red y pulsa sobre Omitir esta red . Confirma el proceso. Ahora solo tienes que volver a la pantalla de Wi-Fi, volver a localizarla y meter la contraseña de nuevo para volver a conectarte.

Apaga y vuelve a encender tu iPhone

Sigues sin conectarte a pesar de haber probado todo lo anterior, otro truco clásico es reiniciar tu dispositivo . Solo tienes que pulsar el botón de apagar durante unos segundos hasta que aparezca la pantalla que confirmación. Desliza el dedo sobre “Deslizar sobre apagar” y vuelve a encenderlo.

Hard Reset

Si todo lo anterior no funciona, es momento de probar un hard reset . Recuerda que no vas a perder tus datos ni nada de información de tu dispositivo. El procedimiento para el hard reset ha cambiado con los iPhone de 2017, pero sigue siendo bastante fácil. Solo tienes que seguir estos pasos:

Restaurar las configuraciones de red

Otro paso que podría solucionar tus problemas con el Wi-Fi es limpiar la caché, la configuración DHCP y en general, actualizar toda la información de las redes. Para lograrlo solo tienes que ir a Ajustes> General> Restablecer y pulsar sobre Restablecer ajustes de red.

Desactivar el Wi-Fi de la localización

Since its launch in late 2017, the iPhone 8 in all its versions and the iPhone X have had some problems with Wi-Fi , judging by the complaints of some users. Among them we have heard that they can’t find coverage even when they are connected, that the password is incorrect, that the internet is slow, among others.

The truth is that there are no miracles that can fix all those bugs, in fact most of them come from iOS 11 and it is Apple that will progressively remove them with updates . But in the meantime, you can try these tips to fix them and improve your iPhone navigation experience via Wi-Fi.

Fixing Wi-Fi Issues on iPhone 8 & iPhone X

Update your software

As mentioned above, the best thing you can do to fix the Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone is to make sure it is running the latest version of iOS . As you know, updates are available via OTA. To find out if you have any pending issues go to Settings> General> Software Updates .

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Wi-Fi issues on iPhone X and iPhone 8 can be fixed by turning off Wi-Fi from location-based services. Go to Settings> Privacy> Location> System Services . Within this screen uncheck **Wi-Fi network connection. This will only prevent your device from determining your location based on the Wi-Fi network, it will not disable the Wi-Fi itself.

Configure DNS manually

The problem may be in the DNS and its update . Google provides DNS that can be updated automatically on your iPhone, but you can do it yourself manually by following this tutorial.

Wi-Fi Assistant

It appears that some iPhone X and iPhone 8 users have fixed their issues by disabling the Wi-Fi wizard and then re-enabling it . This feature automatically switches from the Wi-Fi network to your data when the network is low and not working properly, which could be a real mega-eater. Here you can see how to turn it on and off and the consequences.

Disable VPN

The VPN connection allows us to add an extra layer of security when surfing the internet on our iPhone or iPad . You can disable it from Settings> General VPN or from the specific app that allows you to do so.

Restore your phone

A radical but effective method. Go to Settings> General> Reset and click on Clear Contents and Settings. You will be asked for your PIN to confirm the operation.

What if none of this fixes my Wi-Fi problems?

Two options remain: either wait for the next update, or take it to an Apple Retail Store, Apple Authorized Service, or through the support screen on the Apple website.


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