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11 Gold-plated Pro Max

If you go to the Apple website and look at the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max you’ll see that its price of 1,659 euros is prohibitive, but surprisingly this is not the most expensive iPhone we can buy. In fact there is one that is 15 times more expensive . Mind you, its design and materials could well be worth every penny it costs. How much does this device cost? Keep reading because we tell you everything.

An iPhone designed for a few

If you’ve won the lottery or are so lucky as to be able to win thousands of euros a day and want to treat yourself, you might be interested in this version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 GB of… 18 carat gold storage! Packaged by London Assay Office and marketed by Goldgenie, a company based in the British capital and in Dubai, this device can be yours for the exact amount of 15,521.55 euros .

11 Gold-plated Pro Max11 Gold-plated Pro Max

The phone is made to order, as it does not have a price that can be paid by anyone. There are only 256 GB and 512 GB versions available, with the lower price being the smallest. Within these you can order with the Apple logo made with diamonds or not, which also raises the price. In any case they are not very accessible to everyone, but the result of a whim that only the highest elites can afford.

This Goldgenie collection is defined as a pampered piece of equipment, first deconstructed before being bathed in a delicate layer of solid metal with solid gold. It has the distinctive GG Hallmark quality seal, which certifies that the precious metal used is genuine gold. Although the weight of this device is not specified in detail, it is said that it is not too heavy compared to the original Apple version.

Are there any changes in your benefits?

Beyond the aesthetic terrain, which is already very striking in itself, we would find an iPhone exactly like the normal versions . That is, the same processor, same cameras, same iOS versions, etc. The packaging is original from the jewelers, but inside we find identical chargers, cables, user guides and even the legendary EarPods for listening to music.

What we do not know for sure is the subject of the guarantee . We understand that by having been tampered with previously you will have lost your legal warranty with Apple, but the selling company will take care of any problems that may arise both with the gold material that covers the phone and with software and hardware issues. This is no wonder considering the money that would have to be invested in this phone, as it wouldn’t be the cheapest shop to repair an iPhone.

The same company also markets other electronic products with similar gold-plated surfaces. In this way we could find other models of iPhone, but also iPad and Apple Watch. It is clear that we will not be able to testify how it feels to use this phone and, unfortunately, neither you who are reading this will be able to agree to buy it for sure. But it is at least curious, since the phone we have talked about is the most expensive iPhone on the market today. There may be some other jewelry you can trust to customize your phone with diamonds and other precious materials, but in the end it would be customization and not something you already buy off the shelf.

And what do you think of this phone? Would you buy it if you had enough money for it? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.