10 Useful Tips and Tricks

5 useful tips and tricks for the game Swing Copers

Have you managed to beat your friends’ scores in Swing Copters? Are you thinking of eliminating the game before you go crazy? Don’t do it yet, because with this series of tips and tricks we have prepared for you, you can go far in Swing Copters , the new game from the creator of Flappy Bird. And who knows, you might even become an expert.

Swing Copters is an extremely addictive and complicated game , it is free and compatible with all iPhone models, and with iPad, iPad Air and Mini. Truth be told, to get a good score, you have to be lucky, have a lot of skill and have a good time playing. Follow our 5 tips and tricks for Swing Copters and you may be able to overcome that 2 point barrier (or your highest score so far) in just a few tries.

5 useful tips and tricks for Swing Copters for iPhone and iPad

Maintain a regular control rhythm

10 Useful Tips and Tricks
10 Useful Tips and Tricks

The first and most important thing in Swing Copters is to keep a steady and regular rhythm , and if possible, not too fast. When you tap on your iPhoneiPad screen, you’ll hear a slight beep to indicate that your friendly character is changing course. If we manage to keep a rhythm with these beeps we’ll manage to keep our course and therefore get a better score.

Focus on your character

It is important to focus our vision on the character, the strange little creature with the propellers. In this way we will make our peripheral ocular vision take charge of warning our brain about the obstacles that are approaching . It is something similar to when we are at a very high altitude and someone tells us: “Don’t look down!” , because concentration is essential in Swing Copters.

Forget the laws of physics

If you’ve played Flappy Bird before, you should know in advance that Dong Nguyen, the creator of both games, has a somewhat peculiar idea of real-world physics. Based on this, don’t expect your character to be easy or logical to control . Pay close attention to the character’s movements and remember at all times that this is Dong Nguyen’s virtual world, his nightmare, his revenge.

Choose your strategy: One finger or two thumbs

I must admit that, a priori, there is no ideal strategy as to the position of our hands and fingers. Using one finger will not be more effective than using both hands. Nevertheless, custom plays an essential role . That is, if you start playing with one finger and feel more comfortable, get used to playing like this and you will achieve complete control. If you feel more comfortable playing with both thumbs, go ahead, but it’s advisable not to change your strategy every two to three times .

Don’t let anything throw you off balance

Last but not least, DO NOT allow anything or anyone to throw you off balance.

Swing Copters on video

Don’t miss our Swing Copters gameplay. We couldn’t get past the 2 point barrier either!

Download Swing Copters

Get the game from the download box below:

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These are our tips and tricks for Swing Copters. Did you manage to beat your score? How far did you get? Do you like Swing Copters better than Flappy Bird?

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