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10 Tips for using Cydia on the iOS 8.3 and 9 Jailbreak


If you have just installed the new iOS 8.3 jailbreak or are planning to do it in iOS 9 in the future, it is interesting to know these tips for Cydia that will help you to improve the user experience.

10 Tips for using Cydia on the iOS 8.3 and 9 Jailbreak
10 Tips for using Cydia on the iOS 8.3 and 9 Jailbreak

Thanks to these Cydia tricks you can discover new tweaks and take full advantage of all the benefits that jailbreak brings to the iPhone and iPad.

What is Cydia?

Before starting with the list of tips and tricks, if you are new to this jailbreak thing, you should know that Cydia is a kind of app store . But instead of offering users apps to buy and download, it provides us with tweaks (utilities, extensions and tools) that allow us to customize, enhance and power up iOS features.

10 Tips, Tricks and Advice for Cydia

Why should you upgrade Cydia?

It is important to update the section of new tweaks to discover the tools that are appearing, from time to time you will be surprised with some of them.

Reviewing fonts and repositories

Sometimes Cydia takes a long time to update and download all data packages, so from iPadizate we recommend you to enter the repository section and check its status indicator. Sometimes Cydia is slow due to problems in the sources.

Use search efficiently

Using the search suggestions, you will find results with those letters, but not all of them. By clicking on the search button you can discover all the results available.

How to activate or deactivate sections

If you don’t want to see themes, ringtones or anything else you can disable some sections from Fonts> All Fonts> Edit.

How to add a new font

To add a new font or repository you must go to Fonts> Edit> Add. You will only have to insert the link and confirm.

See the recently installed tweaks

Sometimes it is convenient to check what we have previously downloaded. To do this, go to the Installed section and click on the Recent tab.

User Mode vs Advanced Mode

Next to the Recent tab we told you about, there are two more: User and Advanced. The difference is that in the Advanced mode we will find libraries, data and packages from low-level developers.

How to view Cydia’s purchases

To find out which tweaks we have bought, go to the Cydia section and click on Manage Account. A complete purchase history will be displayed here.

Queuing packages

You can queue up packages to be processed at another time instead of one by one. You can also update all the tweaks at once.

Deactivate Cydia Substrate

Have you ever installed a tweak and it caused problems on your iPhone or iPad? Instead of completely restoring your device you can try disabling Cydia Substrate. After that you can remove the tweak in question and re-enable Cydia Substrate by rebooting.


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