10 Things We’d Like to See in the Future iPhone

There are still several months left for Apple to let the world know about its new smarpthone, and as usual, the first rumors and leaks have been circulating on the net for several months now. Today we tell you a dozen things that we would like to see in the future iPhone 7 , both at the level of design and hardware and software.

Some time ago we talked about the main mistakes Apple made with iPhone 6 that should be corrected for the next generation. Most of them focus on aspects of design, and that is that the current flagship has been the focus of criticism for the theme of the Bendgate or the ease with which the screen is scratched.

10 Things We’d Like to See in the Future iPhone
10 Things We’d Like to See in the Future iPhone

Today we could almost say that it is confirmed that the iPhone 7 will have the future A9 chip , the new version of Apple’s processor that will be more powerful and that according to rumors most of the production will be in the hands of Samsung. But there are many more things to consider and users are already imagining what they want this smartphone to look like.

There is no doubt that the current Apple flagships have very good features, but there are always things that can be improved. Therefore, from iPadizate we are going to make a small compilation with the most acclaimed functions and features by users to be part of the iPhone 7 and iOS 9 , many of which you have told us in other occasions yourselves.

1. 13 megapixel camera

A few days ago, a rumour was circulating that Apple might keep the 8 megapixel sensor for the next generation. However, many people expect that the main camera of iPhone 7 will have at least 13 megapixels .

2. More RAM

Another thing that we would like to see on iPhone 7 is a 2GB RAM , as it is another component that Apple seems to have trouble improving. Although it must also be said that current models offer great performance.

3. Screen with sapphire glass

We were left wanting to see how Cupertino’s used this material in the current models and there are those who believe that the iPhone 7 could be the first smartphone to have a sapphire crystal screen, a material that is very resistant to scratches . However, now they are considering the possibility of using Project Phire, a new material presented by Corning that has the drop resistance of Gorilla Glass 4 and the scratch hardness of sapphire.

4. Resolution 2k and less bezels

Another change you’ve told us you’d like to see on iPhone 7 is that Apple reduces the size of the screen bezels to make them a little larger without increasing the overall size of the device. In addition, it would also be nice if it had 2k resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.

5. A 4-inch Mini version

The increase in screen size has been a big step forward by Apple, but some users still prefer slightly smaller smartphones. That’s why they should consider the possibility of launching a Mini version of the iPhone 7 with a 4-inch screen , something that would also benefit them by reaching a wider audience.

6. New design for the rear

The new design released with the iPhone 6 is very elegant, but the lines of the rear case are not to the liking of many . Therefore, iPhone 7 may have a slightly modified design to eliminate them.

7. Rear housing made of liquidmetal

Some 5.5 inch models have been affected by the Bendgate, the problem causing the device to bend. Using a material such as liquidmetal on the iPhone 7 could significantly improve the resistance and avoid having to deal with problems like this.

8. Water and dust resistance

Many competitive smartphones already have this feature as standard, but as with other features, Apple is reluctant to incorporate it. If the iPhone 7 had water and dust resistance, added to the rest of its features, they could make it a truly amazing device .

9. Priority or guest mode

This is another feature that would be part of iOS 9, the version of the mobile operating system that will come along with the next generation, so we could also benefit from it on compatible devices. We are talking about a priority or guest mode, which would be very useful when we leave our smartphone to someone else and we want our personal information to be protected.

10. Improved multitasking

Finally, another feature of iOS 9 that would be nice to see on iPhone 7 is enhanced multitasking . With iOS 8 Apple has made some improvements, such as the ability to quickly access our favorite contacts, but they could include new features such as being able to close all applications at once, among other things.

These are the 10 things we would like to see on the iPhone 7 , Apple’s future flagship coming in 2015. However, we still have to wait a few months to see what Cupertino’s guys have decided for this smartphone.

Besides these, what else would you like the iPhone 7 to have?

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