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10 Surprising Things to Learn from Tim Cook

Tim Cook took over Apple in one of the company’s saddest moments, with the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. The most skeptical questioned the worth of Tim Cook to take over the reins of the apple company, but it seems that at the moment he is not doing badly and we want to highlight 10 curiosities that we should learn from the current Apple CEO.

The Fortune list has named him “the world’s greatest leader” and has also published a profile full of more personal details of Tim Cook , in his work as Apple’s CEO. In an interview Tim Cook reveals how he developed his ability to run a company like Apple , as well as the real reasons why he revealed his sexuality.

10 Surprising Things to Learn from Tim Cook
10 Surprising Things to Learn from Tim Cook

We are going to show you ten curiosities about Tim Cook’s personality and his way of working, that we should all know and that have been known thanks to this last interview.

1.- Not worried about the critics

“I don’t need your approval. I have to feel like I’m doing the right thing at all times. If I have to take into account the things that are said on TV or in other media, it’s that they don’t know me at all.” says Cook .

2.- He’s not trying to be Steve Jobs

According to Eddy Cue , he never tried to be Steve Jobs . He has always been very good at letting us do what we want. He is aware of his place and gets involved as needed. Steve Jobs got involved at very deep levels.

3.- All Tim Cook’s money goes to charity

Cook has revealed that he plans to give away his entire fortune when he finishes saving for the college of his 10-year-old nephew . He already has a fund of money in philanthropic project, with an equity of $120 million.

4.- Tim is looking for long term investments

“The kind of investors we look for are long-term, because that’s how we make our decisions.” It says

5.- Work is your biggest addiction

It is well known that Cook is the first to arrive at the offices and the last to leave . A look at the Apple Watch by Cook , by Adam Lashinsky , revealed that he recorded 50 minutes of exercise and 8,139 steps over the course of a day’s work at Apple. We recently saw him meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss security.

6.- He doesn’t want to be the center of attention

“My goal is to raise the public profile of several people on the company’s executive team.” He said Tim .

7.- The new campus does not yet have a name

Apple has not yet decided what it will call the second location “Apple Campus 2”. It is certain that some nomenclature of the building will include a tribute to Jobs , depending on the wishes of the family, but they do not want very bureaucratic names.

“I don’t like the word headquarters.” It says Cook .

8.- Future Apple announcements will take place on the new campus

With the exception of WWDC, the 1,000-seat auditorium in the southwest corner of the Apple campus will be the new venue for public performances.

9.- Cook was very cold when they had the problem with the Sapphire glass

Apple lost many millions of dollars with the closure of its plant for the manufacture of the material Sapphire , after problems with the leakage of information. Jeff Williams said that Cook was quite cold when he reported the problem.

“We’ll see what we can learn from this mistake and we’ll keep betting on great technologies for our customers.” He said Tim Cook .

10.- Cook revealed his sexuality in defense of children

When he mentioned that he was gay in his article for Bloomberg, he was actually more concerned about children being bullied in schools, some going as far as suicide, and because many states allow for the dismissal of employees because of their sexual orientation.

So far, the ten curiosities about Tim Cook’s personality and the way he works at Apple , which we have learned thanks to Cult of Mac. Which of them would you highlight? You can leave your opinion in the comments.

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