10 simple tricks of El Capitan that surely have gone unnoticed

The more I use the new OS X El Capitan, the more I like it. This past week we have been doing a special on El Capitan emphasizing some of the most characteristic elements of the system. Today I am going to take advantage of the “pull” seeing that it has had enough acceptance.

We are not going to introduce ourselves in anything excessively complex, they are small brushstrokes of the system , which are there, and although we have already talked about them on some other occasion, they usually go quite unnoticed. I myself had to listen in the office to a “the little arrow has gone crazy”, which made me smile.

  • Locate the cursor: Now with the new Retina screens and their huge resolution you have once again gone “crazy” looking for where the cursor was. If you can’t find it, just move your mouse or trackpad with “brio” and you’ll see how the cursor is magnified helping you find it.
  • If you do not like this option or it is not useful you can deactivate it from the system preferences, accessibility menu, section Screen. You will only have to deactivate the option “Shake the pointer to locate it”.
  • Improvements in the Exposé: If you didn’t like the Exposé of Yosemite, that grouped the open documents of the same application in cascade, now El Capitan shows them perfectly separated, being easier to find the document that you want to use.
  • The Spotlight window can be moved: In Yosemite, the first OS X where we saw an improved, independent Spotlight with many more features, always appeared in the center of the screen, fixed. Now in The Captain we can move it to the point on the screen that interests us most and the system will always remember where you put it.
  • In Safari you can anchor the tabs: If you have sites that you access regularly, you can leave them anchored on the left side of the Safari window. You only have to place in the tab you want to anchor, go to the window menu anchor window and thus have it there every time you need to access it.
  • Slide to delete mail in Mail: Mail has incorporated some gestures that will be familiar to all those Mail users in iOS. Now if we slide to the left a mail, we can delete it, if we slide to the right, we can mark it as read.
  • Redesigned Disk Utility: The system’s new disk utility has undergone a major face-lift. Although if you were already used to its predecessor, you will feel a little “lost” at first, the truth is that it is easier to use.
  • Create new desktops quickly: Now if you are interested in moving an application to a separate desktop, The Captain allows you to do so much faster and easier. Simply take the program, drag it to the top of the screen, you will open Mission Control and you can create a new desktop from it, only keeping it a second you will see how the desktop is created.
  • Three-finger drag: If you do not find the option to drag an application window with three fingers, it is because its configuration place has changed. It is now in the system preferences , accessibility in the section of mouse and trackpad.
  • 11 pequeñas novedades en OS X El Capitan

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