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10% more than iOS 11 a year ago


iOS 12 continues to move forward as we approach the next WWDC, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. With data taken until January 1st, 2019, Apple claims on its developer page that 75% of the world’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch already have iOS 12 or later. The figure rises a little more if we limit ourselves to the products launched in the last four years. And it’s much higher than iOS 11.

10% more than iOS 11 a year ago10% more than iOS 11 a year ago

As we can see on Apple’s official website for developers, 75% of iPhone and iPad users have already updated their devices to the latest major version of Apple this year. Of the remaining 25% a total of 17% of users have iOS 11 , while the remaining 8% are still on iOS 10 or an earlier version.

This time Apple has shared another curious fact, devices less than four years old. That is, the version used by the iPhone and iPad that have been launched since 2014. In this case, the adoption is slightly higher , with 78% of users using iOS 12, although users of iOS 11 and previous versions remain the same.

These are the data Apple has shared, but we can put them in perspective with previous years to understand the real impact iOS 12 is having . For example:

As can be seen, 75% has been the stable figure over the last few years… with the exception of iOS 11 . As we already know, this is due to the different problems the operating system had both due to the change of structure in the processors and due to the slowdown in devices with degraded battery. The good news? It seems that the confidence of the users has not decreased in the long run, they keep on updating to the latest version because of the advantages in features and above all in security that this entails.