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10 iPhone Manufacturers in Jail for Stealing $150,000 in Devices

Sometimes the most surprising things happen, like what we are going to tell you next. As far as we know, ten employees of the Pegatron manufacturer have been jailed after stealing and selling several Apple iPhones, motherboards and batteries worth $154,000.

These Pegatron employees reportedly stole a total of 227 iPhones, 360 motherboards and 58 batteries from Apple , which they subsequently sold on the black market. Of these workers involved, six were permanent employees at Pegatron and the remaining four were canteen workers.

10 iPhone Manufacturers in Jail for Stealing $150,000 in Devices10 iPhone Manufacturers in Jail for Stealing $150,000 in Devices

Below we tell you more about the arrest of these workers , as well as the way in which they committed the thefts of the different devices and components. Let’s go!

Two of the workers, named Pei and Shi, managed to steal a total of five iPhone 6 last year by hiding them in a bathroom in the factory where they worked . They later transferred them to a canteen employee named Li, who was in charge of taking them out.

After that additional employees were recruited to help in the scam . All together they managed to steal more than 200 iPhone and a good amount of other components (motherboards and batteries) between June 2014 and January 2015.

These ten thieves have been convicted of theft, embezzlement and concealing illicit gains . As far as their sentences are concerned, they vary from 8 months to 7 years.

As they say in CultofMac, it is quite difficult to imagine how such a theft has gone unnoticed for half a year , since the amount of iPhone missing is quite large. Although it must be said that the dimensions of the Pegatron factory are really big, not to mention the large number of iPhones they manufacture. Last year, they had to hire 40,000 more workers in order to meet the demand for Apple’s iPhone 6s.