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10 iPhone iPad Games that Could Go a Long Way with MFi

We offer you a selection of some great games for iOS 7 that could be even bigger and more addictive if they were compatible with MFi (Made For iPhone).

With the arrival of iOS 7 in June last year, Apple presented us with a large number of new features both at the user interface level and internally. One of the newest features, but one that is currently struggling to catch on, is the ability to use iOS 7 compatible controllers , called MFi (Made For iPhone) for use with iOS system games.

10 iPhone iPad Games that Could Go a Long Way with MFi
10 iPhone iPad Games that Could Go a Long Way with MFi

Below, we leave you with a selection of 10 games that we think would be much better if they were compatible with MFi .


It’s hard to believe that this incredible game hasn’t already adopted MFi’s support. It’s true that playing Minecraft from a touch screen like the iPad or iPhone is feasible, but it’s definitely not ideal, or at least not for most people. We think that if we were given the ability to use an external device with physical buttons, it would help improve movement control as well as block placement. Don’t you think?

Trials Frontier

The lack of compatibility with MFi controllers in this case is almost inexcusable. After Trials Frontier has managed to position itself in the App Store’s Top 100 in free applications, there is no doubt that it is a game that is captivating more and more users. As you may know, Trial requires very precise controls and the buttons on the touch screen are anything but. That’s why we believe that the developers of Trials Frontier should consider including support for the MFi as soon as possible to give the final push to this excellent game.

Farming Simulator 14

Driving a bulky farm vehicle with an iPhone or iPad screen can certainly be a lot of fun, but it could be even more fun if we could control them with an MFI device with physical buttons. This would also free up space on the screen of your device, making it much easier to control every action you take.

Crazy Taxi

What to say about this mythical SEGA game. When I heard about the arrival of Crazy Taxi to iOS I was very happy and the truth is that in terms of graphics it’s practically the same as the game we knew for the mythical DreamCast. However, the experience as a player has not been as good as I expected and I think it has been largely due to the controls. So much so that I’m convinced that if Sega finally adds support for MFi devices to the game, this would definitely be one of the most successful games on the App Store, wouldn’t you say?

Goat Rampage

This game is as good and particular as it is useless, but the controls leave something to be desired. There’s no doubt that adding MFi controls would make the game even more peculiar and turn it into an absurdly fun game.


While it’s true that the control inserted into the device’s screen is part of the game experience and is something that characterises the game, we’re convinced that if the game were left in full screen mode and the controls were moved to an external MFi controller, the player experience would be greatly enhanced.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

A fighting game on a touch screen works pretty well, although you’ll agree with me when I say that the physical buttons provide a much more realistic experience for these types of games. When performing more difficult and complex moves, it’s always better to have a physical controller rather than touch buttons that we don’t quite know where they are located.


This well-known racing game with a violent end has not yet become part of the MFi-supported games. I imagine that when you’ve been playing for a while, practice makes control of the vehicle much easier, but there’s no doubt that with an external controller with physical buttons the gaming experience would be greatly enhanced.

Call of Duty: Zombies

I’ve always thought that shooter games are best played on an external screen and with a physical controller. However, I’ve realised that it’s possible to make the shots more precise and to control the movements using a touch screen, but that’s not advisable. Call of Duty: Strike Team recently added support for MFi devices and I think it would be a good idea to integrate that support into Call of Duty: Zombies.

Earn to Die

The truth is that the touch controllers in this game are quite accomplished, and it’s easy to quickly get to them. I find it hard to believe, however, that our experience wouldn’t improve if we could control Earn to Die from an external MFi controller in order to pinpoint our movements and try to take out all the zombies at once, as they say in Tuaw.

So far our selection of the 10 iOS games that we think would be much better if they supported MFi controllers .

MFi controllers, a way to greatly improve the gaming experience on iPad and iPhone titles

If you’re lucky enough to have an iOS 7 device with Jailbreak, there’s a tweak that allows you to play MFi-compatible games via a PS3 controller.

Do you know any other game that could be much better with an external controller? Tell us in the comments!

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