10 iPad 2 enhancements

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The guys at Digital Trends have posted 10 things they think would improve the iPad in its next version. We’ll discuss them below.

10 iPad 2 enhancements
10 iPad 2 enhancements

The boom in sales of the iPad makes us think that it is a almost round product , but… What do you miss in the iPad? Digital Trends is looking at 10 things they hope to see in the next version of the iPad , so we’ll see which ones we agree with and which ones we don’t.

  1. More resolution: This point is almost a must after seeing the Retina Display on the new iPhone 4, and we’ll certainly see it on the next version of the iPad.
  2. Front and rear camera: We also think that a camera, even if it’s only a front camera, would be perfect for video conferencing with the iPad. We already discussed the possibility of having FaceTime, Apple’s new video conferencing application for iOS4, on our iPad in the next version, so we can expect it too. In my opinion the back camera can be saved since I can’t see myself taking pictures with the iPad.
  3. Increased capacity: Here too we have to prove them right. The basic model should have at least 32 GB, but this will surely increase as the price of flash memory drops.
  4. 4G connectivity: It never hurts that our iPad has the latest advances in connectivity, but let’s remember that it’s not a phone and that under 3G it works really well. If it comes to it and if not for me too.
  5. Standard SIM card slot: This is not important to me. In any current operator you can use a micro sim for these uses without problem and surely implement the hole of a normal SIM card would disrupt the internal design of the iPad.
  6. Flat back: It wouldn’t be much but I think this is not going to be possible unless they redesign the iPad completely to make it more like an iPhone 4.
  7. Lighter: The iPad is a little too heavy to hold in your hand for long. If we have it supported it is not a problem. Maybe in the next revision it will be a little lighter.
  8. Flash support: We strongly disagree on this point. We’ve already talked at length about the big cons of Flash technology in the Web environment and Steve Jobs has already made it clear that they are firmly committed to HTML 5.
  9. SD card slot: The truth is that this slot wouldn’t be out of place, but seeing the Apple accessory for it and that the internal design surely won’t change it, I wouldn’t expect it in the next review.
  10. Possible lectern: Right now you need a case or stand so you can place your iPad in lectern format to use it without your hands. It would be a great idea if they incorporated some kind of leg in the style of the Apple Studio Display, as we can see in the photo below.

What do you miss on the iPad? Do you agree with the 10 points? What would you add?

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