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10 iOS 9 Features Apple Has Taken from Android

iOS 9 will be the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system that will replace iOS 8 on millions of iPhones and iPads worldwide within a few months. Samsung and Android have often been accused of stealing Apple features, but they are not alone, as Cupertino’s would also have borrowed some features from the competition for iOS 9 .

Throughout this week we’ve talked in depth about iOS 9 and all its features , including the News app, split screen multitasking or the ability to block ads in Safari. Today we’ll see a list with a dozen details that Apple has “borrowed” from Android, Google, Samsung and other application developers to improve iOS 9.

Split-screen multitasking

10 iOS 9 Features Apple Has Taken from Android10 iOS 9 Features Apple Has Taken from Android

With iOS 9 Apple has finally announced the arrival of split-screen multitasking, a feature long awaited by users. This feature will be available only for the iPad Air 2 and will allow two applications to be used simultaneously , something that many Android users have been enjoying for some time now thanks to devices such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 or LG G4.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy tablet even allows four windows to be open at once. In iOS 9 users will be limited to two screens, but who knows if they will decide to expand it in the future.


Many people have been able to enjoy it on TV and Android users have also been counting on the picture-in-picture feature for years. With iOS 9, you can minimize a video and still watch it in small format while doing something else , a function that Samsung introduced in Android under the name Pop-Up Play.


The Apple Spotlight Search Bar has received major improvements in iOS 9. It will now be smarter and easier to use, suggest recently used contacts, applications, and even be able to show you places you might be interested in. Google has been offering suggestions of places you go frequently for over two years, along with the address of the place and even how long it would take to get there from the place you’re currently at.

Low power or battery saving mode

Android users have been enjoying a low-power mode for about four years now, but it wasn’t until Android Lollipop that Google decided to introduce it as a native feature. This puts the device into a power-saving mode when it has a low percentage of battery life left and uses it only for things that are really necessary.

With the new low power mode of iOS 9 Apple promises up to 4 hours more battery life for the iPhone .

Reminders from Siri and the Proactive Assistant

In iOS 9 Siri will be much smarter and faster. Apple stated in the presentation that it will be 40% faster and more accurate than before. In addition, users will be able to set reminders via Siri and thanks to the proactive wizard will see an event or entry in the calendar and alert the user .

On the other hand, Siri will also be able to search and display photos, a function that the Google assistant has had for several years . The iOS 9 Siri Proactive Assistant will offer quite interesting things, plus it has the advantage that it is completely anonymous and not linked to other devices or your Apple ID, so it will not be an invasion of privacy.


Apple announced the arrival of News with iOS 9, an application that will provide users with news and information on topics of interest based on their tastes. This application is similar to Flipboard, which comes pre-installed on Samsung devices, or as HTC Blinkfeed , which was first introduced in 2013.

Keyboard shortcuts

Apple has revamped the Quicktype keyboard in iOS 9 to offer keyboard shortcuts in the upper area next to the word suggestions. So, it has several tool shortcuts that allow you to add photos, files, take a picture, format text , copy it and more.

In Android this type of tool has been on the keyboard for a long time. Especially note that Android users have been able to use third party keyboards for years, which offer many options.


Like Google Keep, Evernote and other note-taking applications, the native Note application in iOS 9 will also allow you to create voice notes using Siri, take a picture and much more . As you can see, Apple has made significant changes to this application to make it even more powerful and efficient.


When the Apple Maps app first came out with iOS 6 it was heavily criticized, but over time it has improved dramatically. With iOS 9 it will allow you to get directions for public transportation (train, bus, subway), find restaurants, shops and even places where Apple Pay is accepted.

In addition, Maps in iOS 9 will alert you to any incidents during your journey and to traffic in real time. These features are already part of Google Maps, but it is quite interesting that Apple has decided to follow their steps to improve their map service.

These are some of the features that Apple would have borrowed from Android for iOS 9 that the guys at GottaBeMobile have collected. What is certain is that iPhone and iPad users will receive a good number of changes with the arrival of iOS 9, with which they are sure to get even more out of their devices.