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10 Hidden Tricks You Should Know

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is already on the market. Samsung’s new flagship arrived in stores on April 11th and is apparently being well received. Today we know that this smartphone has great features, such as its 5.1-inch SuperAMOLED screen, fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor, 16-megapixel camera and water resistance among many other things. But after a few days among us, 10 hidden functions have been discovered that can make this smartphone even more interesting.

Many times the manufacturers introduce functions that at first sight may seem to be somewhat hidden but if we dig a little in our device we can find. The South Korean company has a customization layer for Android called TouchWiz with which they introduce into their devices great features and functions that we do not find in other Android .

10 Hidden Tricks You Should Know10 Hidden Tricks You Should Know

You could say that this layer is practically as important as the hardware and in the case of the Galaxy S5 it could not be otherwise. However, as some of these features often go unnoticed by many users, we have decided to publish a list with 10 very interesting tricks of the Galaxy S5 that will be very useful to get the most out of it . Let’s get started!

Write with any pencil

The Galaxy S5 does not have the S Pen stylus that accompanies the Note range. Some users miss being able to use a pen of this type on large screens, so Samsung has included a function that allows to increase the touch sensitivity of the screen that allows us to use the screen using gloves and even any pen to navigate the interface.

Musical suggestions

The Samsung music player included in the S5 offers the possibility to access a list of suggestions based on what we are listening to at the time. How do I access this list? Very easily, by tilting the device.

Quick access to your favorite applications

Toolbox is a function that gives us the ability to add a widget to the top of the screen that allows us to access our favourite applications very quickly and easily. This is a white circle with three dots, which we click on and a small menu appears with the applications we have chosen as our favourites.

Increase privacy with Private Mode

Do you know how to protect and hide your messages, photos or voice messages so that someone else cannot see them when they pick up your phone to gossip? The Galaxy S5 offers a feature called Private Mode to hide all those documents, messages, videos, photos and other personal stuff and prevent that gossiping friend of ours from seeing them. This mode can be activated from the same unlocking screen and they will be hidden.

Children’s mode

The S5 also has a mode for the youngest in the house to use the smartphone with access limitations to certain applications and a special interface with a more appropriate design. This means parents can let their children play with the device without fear of them deleting things or entering places they shouldn’t.

Quick access for the camera

This function may not look like much, but being able to access the camera directly from the lock screen with a simple touch sometimes allows us to capture that instant we don’t want to miss.

Virtual Tour and Shot and More, two new features for the camera

The S4 already had its own camera functions. Now, with the new flagship, Samsung has gone a step further and included new features such as Virtual Tour , which allows us to move through the photo we have taken as if it were a virtual tour and Shot and More, which gives us the ability to edit the photo right after taking it.

Frequent contacts in the Message App

This smartphone offers us the possibility to select a group of preferred contacts that will appear at the top of the contact list within the message application, so it will be easier to locate those people to whom we want to send a message.

Call information

This option is certainly very curious. The Galaxy S5 offers the possibility to review the information about a call even when we are still inside it and check the data of interactions we have recently had with that person we are talking to.

Receive calls while using other apps with Call Notification

Finally, we have a feature that we saw earlier in Note 3, it’s Call Notification, a feature that displays a popup window with a call notification when we’re using another application without having to leave it.

So much for the 10 hidden Galaxy S5 tricks we’ve been able to learn from the guys at Samsung Tomorrow. What did you think? Do you think they’re useful?